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A Democracy app for ownCloud to give power to the users.
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occ market:install democracy

Imagine you could install citizen rights with one mouseclick.


Code is law - and the part of our life that happens in cyberspace, follows certain rules and configurations. Should those rules be made by the sysadmin, by the state, by the company, or by the users?

Platforms have emerged both as business models and as power structures. Their power comes from their users, their monopoly from network effects. How can users protect their autonomy in an environment where competition doesn't work?

Few platforms govern the Internet - Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft divide the world up between them. ownCloud wants to challenge their power by replacing some of their proprietary services, but this is a long road, and has some problems.

One of the problems: ownCloud is a platform, too. Right now, admins are dictators on their server, after the principle of hardware ownership and souvereignty.

In ownCloud, admins can make the most decisions. This makes sense in an Enterprise context - most companies have strict hierarchies. In the community, it transfers the power to the Nerds.

ownCloud is better than Facebook or Amazon - with them, you can only complain or leave. In ownCloud, you can also host it yourself and federate.

As an ownCloud admin, this annoys me. I would love to give more power to the users, but atm I can only listen to feedback - the tools are missing.

A democracy app for instance-internal decision making could give users the possibilities to propose configuration changes, request extensions, and vote on them.

As soon as is ready, I want to work on such an app - join me!


Why? In platform capitalism, users should have more power. Decentralization helps - but platform-internal democracy is even better.

What? Let users participate in their ownCloud.

How? Through an app, users can discuss and vote on topics.

Feature Brainstorming

Ideas welcome!


  • Who is admin, how to contact them
  • Which apps are installed
  • Disk usage - is my data limit fair?
  • How is the server configured?
  • How much does the setup cost monthly? Who pays for it?


  • A (minimalistic) board with topics concerning the ownCloud - e.g. extension requests, configuration requests


  • Which apps should be installed?
  • How big should data limits be?
  • Do we want this or that configuration?
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