My own songs, recorded in mp3. amateur stuff
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Panik vor Hellsicht.mp3
Paradies voll Hasch.mp3
Paranormale vegetative Handlungen.mp3
Parentale Verbindungen Herrschen.mp3
Phantasievoll Vogelfrei Herzensfroh.mp3
Plackerei vergessener Hamstermenschen.mp3
Plind vür hässliches.mp3
Polizisten verbreiten Hass.mp3
Primitives Verlangen herrscht.mp3
Probleme von Herkömmlichen.mp3
Psychose Verursacht Halluzinationen.mp3
Pubertät vor Heimatschutz.mp3
Vernichtungsphantasie - music video.mp4


My own songs, recorded in mp3. amateur stuff


I would like to experiment with a new genre called cyberpunk. Currently cyberpunk is mainly a literature, movie, fashion and videogame genre, but the music community is also growing. I like to contribute to it by enhancing dark electro with dissonant, distorted guitar sounds and a distorted voice singing about cyberpunk topics, e.g. how computers feel, what the concept of body means to cyborgs, immortality. I can sing, compose, write lyrics and play guitar, but for this project I need someone who is experienced with remixing. If you are interested, listen to $algorithmus.mp3 and write me an email =)


All songs in this repository are CC-BY-4.0 Emil Lefherz. For detailed information look at