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Ansible Playbook used by Le Filament for deployment of server, odoo, owncloud, nextcloud, nagios, SSO, drawio, privatebin, framadate, etherpad, jitsi, ...


Different playbooks are defined here :

  • Initial playbook (initial_playbook.yml) used for initializing server (for accepting Ansible commands)
  • Main playbook (filament_playbook.yml) used for installation and update of server / services
  • Odoo Operations playbook (docker_odoo_operations_playbook.yml) used to perform operations on Odoo Dockers (see below)
  • Docker upgrade images playbook (docker_upgrade_playbook.yml) used to update Docker images

Odoo Operations playbook

This playbook does not use any role, only tasks with tags.

You can use one of the following tags :

  • rebuild_pull_nonprod or rebuild_pull_prod : download latest generic Docker image from Le Filament, update repos list, builds specific Docker image and restarts instance on new image
  • rebuild_nonprod or rebuild_prod : update repos list, builds specific Docker image and restarts instance on new image (without downloading daily generic image)
  • restart_nonprod_on_prod_db : copyes prod database on test instance and restarts it (needs backup functionalities)
  • restart_nonprod or restart_prod : restart service on locally available image
  • restart_whitelists : restart whitelists service
  • prod_image_to_test : copies production Docker image to test (CAUTION, here we are talking about software, not database) - it won't reload on new image, use restart_test for that
  • test_image_to_prod : copies test image to prod - it won't reload on new image, use restart_prod or restart_prod_on_test_image (which does copy + restart) for that
  • restart_prod_on_test_image : copies test Dcoker image to prod and restarts prod instance on it (= test_image_to_prod + restart_prod)
  • update_nonprod ou update_prod : update/install modules given as arguments in variable(s) odoo_modules_to_update and/or odoo_modules_to_install

You can define test image to use with --extra-vars "odoo_nonprod_instance='<instance>'" (where is odoo_test by default).



  • Remi Cazenave


This module is maintained by Le Filament