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Oct 11, 2013

  1. Christopher Faulet

    Remove authmod_gssapi from the module list in src/Makefile

    This module was moved a long time ago in example/src.
    capflam authored
  2. Christopher Faulet

    Fix mime_types.erl generation for a local installation of Yaws

    Without this fix, at the Yaws startup, the mime_types.erl generation fails
    on windows when Yaws is installed using the installer. It also fails for
    Yaws releases built with reltool (using rebar or autotools).
    Fix issue #161.
    capflam authored
  3. Christopher Faulet

    Fix typo in yaws_sendfile module

    capflam authored

Oct 07, 2013

  1. Susan Potter

    Add README.osx for instructions on installing on OSX using Homebrew

    mbbx6spp authored vinoski committed

Oct 05, 2013

  1. Corey Haines

    Add note about running rebar get-deps before rebar compile

    I was trying to install with rebar compile and kept getting the failure
    that the ibrowse dependency wasn't available. Once I did a rebar get-deps,
    the rebar compile seemed to have gone through.
    coreyhaines authored vinoski committed

Sep 19, 2013

  1. Christopher Faulet

    Adjust line numbers in known_dialyzer_warnings file

    capflam authored
  2. Christopher Faulet

    Add the way to configure the version of sendfile method to use

    Now, at compile time, we only check if sendfile syscall and file:sendfile/5
    are supported. Then, dynamically, we can configure which version to use.
    This can be done using the directive large_file_sendfile. Supported values
     * erlang: if supported, use file:sendfile/5
     * yaws: if supported, use the Yaws sendfile linked-in driver
     * disable: do not use any sendfile method, but gen_tcp:send/2
    If an unsupported method is configured, we fall back on gen_tcp:send/2.
    file:sendfile/5 implementation is buggy (in R15 & R16). When async-threads
    are enabled, in efile driver, the tcp socket is set in blocking mode and the
    sendfile syscall is executed on an async-thread. So an unresponsive client
    could block it for a very long time and therefore block the async-thread.
    In this way, all async-threads could be easily blocked.
    So, by default, the use of sendfile is disable.
    capflam authored

Sep 06, 2013

  1. Christopher Faulet

    Add support of many options for tcp/ssl sockets

    By adding a "<listen_opts> ... </listen_opts>" block in vhosts
    configuration, it is possible to define some options to be set on listen
    sockets and, by inheritance, on accepted sockets. Supported options are
    (see inet:setopts for details):
      * buffer
      * delay_send
      * linger
      * nodelay
      * priority
      * sndbuf
      * recbuf
      * send_timeout
      * send_timeout_close
    send_timeout / send_timeout_close options could be very useful to handle
    unresponsive clients and thus avoid some sorts of DoS.
    capflam authored
  2. Christopher Faulet

    Make the #gconf.large_file_chunk_size value be configurable

    capflam authored
  3. Christopher Faulet

    Fix option to enable/disable sendfile support in the configure script

    Now it is possible to disable sendfile in yaws passing the option
    '--disable-senfile' (or '--enable-sendfile=no') to the configure script.
    It is also possible to choose between the erlang implementation (the default)
    and the yaws implementation.
    capflam authored

Sep 03, 2013

  1. Steve Vinoski

    minor yaws.tex edits

    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    Merge pull request #148 from tuncer/rel-windows

    rel: add Windows scripts
    vinoski authored

Aug 26, 2013

  1. Tuncer Ayaz

    Document rebar use

    tuncer authored

Aug 18, 2013

  1. Tuncer Ayaz

    rel: add Windows scripts

    tuncer authored

Aug 16, 2013

  1. Steve Vinoski

    Merge pull request #158 from ningzhang/master

    fix a typo: "can be override" => "can be overridden"
    vinoski authored
  2. Ning

    fix a typo: "can be override" => "can be overridden"

    ningzhang authored

Jul 18, 2013

  1. Christopher Faulet

    Fix a bug about log rotation. yaws_logger:do_rotate/2 was buggy.

    capflam authored
  2. Claes Wikstrom

    Install procedure for FreeBSD wasn't correct

    klacke authored

Jul 16, 2013

  1. Claes Wikstrom

    Redhat /etc script bug fix by flavio-fernans

    klacke authored

Jul 15, 2013

  1. Manuel Durán Aguete

    Incorrect X-Forwarded-For header

    When X-Forwarded-For header appears multiple times in a request only the
    last value is supplied by yaws_api:headers_x_forwarded_for/1.
    RFC 2616 section 4.2 permits multiple headers with the same name as an
    equivalent of one header with a comma-separated list of values.
    Pound loadbalancer ( ) repeats the header.
    Change yaws to collect all values for this header and present them as a
    single comma-separated list. Add a regression test to test/t2.
    mdaguete authored vinoski committed

Jul 11, 2013

  1. Claes Wikstrom

    Merge branch 'master' of

    klacke authored
  2. Claes Wikstrom

    When max connections were reached and we attempt to close the socket,…

    … it was assumed we had a TCP socket, crashed on SSL sockets
    klacke authored

Jul 09, 2013

  1. Claes Wikstrom

    Merge pull request #155 from mdaguete/session_server_fixes

    yaws_session_server:print_sessions/0 not working due incorrect message
    klacke authored
  2. Manuel Durán Aguete

    yaws_session_server:print_sessions/0 not working due incorrect message

    mdaguete authored

Jul 05, 2013

  1. Steve Vinoski

    export yaws:setup_sconf/2 for yapp

    The yapp application relies on the yaws:setup_sconf/2 function, but at some
    point it was made private to yaws.erl. Export it so yapp works properly
    vinoski authored

Jul 01, 2013

  1. Christopher Faulet

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'MrStaticVoid/yaws-1.96/try-to-create...

    capflam authored

Jun 30, 2013

  1. James Lee

    Try to make the log directory if it doesn't exist

    This uses @capflam's patch from klacke#145
    to create the log directory if specified like
        logdir = +path/to/log
    in the configuration file.
    MrStaticVoid authored

Jun 26, 2013

  1. Steve Vinoski

    Merge pull request #151 from fjoanis/master

    Fix runtime error on OpenBSD 5.3
    vinoski authored
  2. Francis Joanis

    Use proper linker command for drivers on OpenBSD

    This fixes the "Cannot load specified object" / undefined symbol '__guard_local' error that occurs on OpenBSD 5.3. It changes the LD_SHARED variable to use gcc rather than ld. A similar issue is documented here: Tested on OpenBSD 5.3 and FreeBSD 9.
    fjoanis authored

Jun 25, 2013

  1. weisslj

    Fix configure checks requiring module loading

    After 98db40b the check outputs:
        $ erl -noshell -eval 'code:load_file(file), io:format("~p~n",[[erlang:function_exported(file,sendfile,5)]]), erlang:halt().'
        =ERROR REPORT==== 25-Jun-2013::09:40:51 ===
        Can't load module that resides in sticky dir
    Use code:ensure_loaded/1 instead as suggested by Tuncer Ayaz. Fix similar
    module loading check in rebar.config.script.
    weisslj authored vinoski committed

Jun 20, 2013

  1. Steve Vinoski

    Merge pull request #147 from tuncer/rel

    rel: sync files with upstream templates
    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    changes for R16B01

    In R16B01, crypto:sha/1 is deprecated in favor of crypto:hash/2, but the
    latter is not available prior to R15B02. Change the configure script and
    rebar support to look for crypto:hash/2 and use it if found, otherwise fall
    back to crypto:sha/1.
    Also in R16B01 the public_key application, used by some of the tests, now
    requires the asn1 application to be started first. Change the tests to
    accommodate that.
    vinoski authored
  3. Tuncer Ayaz

    rel: sync files with upstream templates

    tuncer authored
  4. Claes Wikstrom

    Merge pull request #146 from kape1395/master

    Yaws cannot be compiled with R16B1.
    klacke authored
  5. Karolis Petrauskas

    Use crypto:hash instead of crypto:sha to be compatible with R16B1.

    kape1395 authored
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