Our image reduction pipeline, using the Tractor framework
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Our image reduction pipeline, using the Tractor framework

The license is 3-clause BSD.

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Code for the analysis of the DECam Legacy Survey (DECaLS).

  • legacypipe/runbrick.py -- run the Tractor analysis of one DECaLS brick.
  • legacypipe/oneblob.py -- code run for a single "blob" of connected pixels.
  • legacypipe/common.py -- used by runbrick.py and others
  • legacypipe/merge-zeropoints.py -- create survey-ccds.fits file
  • bin/pipebrick.sh -- for running "runbrick.py" in production runs (via qdo & SLURM at NERSC)
  • legacypipe/desi_common.py -- an older set of common routines
  • legacypipe/queue-calib.py -- find & qdo queue bricks & CCDs
  • legacypipe/run-calib.py -- calibrate CCDs
  • legacypipe/kick-tires.py -- check out Tractor catalogs
  • legacypipe/image.py -- generic routines for reading images
  • legacypipe/cpimage.py -- image subclass for images from the NOAO Community Pipeline
  • legacypipe/decam.py -- subclass for Dark Energy Camera/Blanco images
  • legacypipe/mosaic.py -- subclass for Mosaic3 Camera/Mayall images
  • legacypipe/bok.py -- subclass for 90Prime/Bok images
  • legacypipe/ptf.py -- subclass for Palomar Transient Factory images