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Source for Nikola-built website for the Legacy Survey.

With nikola (v7.0+) installed:

  • nikola build will build the site in the output directory.
  • nikola serve will start a local webserver to preview the site.

The site uses a custom theme based on nikola's built-in bootstrap3 theme. The custom theme allows us to:

  • use a drop-in bootstrap.css replacement from bootswatch.
  • Tweak various aspects of the generated HTML, such as titles, links and listings.


There are a few logo files in the files directory:

  • logo.svg: An "Inkscape SVG" file, which is the main source.
  • logo_54.png: A PNG generated by exporting the logo in Inkscape.
  • logo_square.svg: Inkscape SVG file with just the logo part (no text).
  • logo_square_32.ico: A favicon used in the site. Generated from the by exporting the square logo to PNG in Inkscape then converting using ImageMagick: convert logo_square_32.png logo_square_32.ico.