compose, verify, and share form contracts at the command line
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Compose, verify, and share form contracts at the command line.


At the command line, with npm installed:

npm --global install commonform-cli
commonform --help

commonform-cli is tested on the current Stable and Long Term Support (LTS) versions of Node.js. Please see the Travis CI configuration file.


You may like to download a few sample form documents to start:

$ git clone samples
$ cd samples

To format a form, say the Orrick Mutual NDA, for reading in the terminal:

$ commonform render Orrick-Mutual-NDA.commonform

To convert to OfficeOpenXML (.docx) for Microsoft Word:

$ commonform render --format docx Orrick-Mutual-NDA.commonform

And with a title:

$ commonform render --title "Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement" --format docx Orrick-Mutual-NDA.commonform

To check a form for technical errors:

$ commonform lint SAFE-MFN.commonform

To view automated style critiques:

$ commonform critique IBM-Cloud-Services-Agreement.commonform

To hash a form:

$ commonform hash Contract-Standards-TOS.commonform

To apply a different section-numbering scheme:

$ commonform render --title "Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement" --format docx --number decimal Orrick-Mutual-NDA.commonform

To see a list of additional subcommands and their options:

$ commonform --usage

Related Projects

For Vim users there is also vim-commonform with syntax highlighting and conveniences for Common Form markup.

Schema Validation

Does your context JSON fit the commonform? Are there unfilled blanks or type mismatches? You could define a JSON schema based on the form and validate the JSON against the schema. This functionality isn't part of the commonform-cli, and can be done separately by any number of schema validators. See the cftemplate repository for an example, in examples/SAFE.schema.json.