Formal-to-natural language compiler for a domain-specific-language. In the future we will be able to compile contracts in multiple natural languages from our contract language.
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This repo has recently undergone a major reorganization, to make it easier for you to understand and contribute to. The previous version, which contains a lot of dormant unmigrated stuff, is here.

Computational Contracts

What I'd like to see is legal contracts written up in a kind of code similar to computer code; something that can be checked for validity, evaluated, perhaps even unit tested. We could perhaps generate natural language descriptions of the code in varying complexity (maybe even generate legalese, which could be useful if you're using the code to create custom contracts), or it could be accurately visualized in some way. My fear is that in writing such code to deal with real-world issues, you'd also need a model of the real world, and that would be incredibly hard to define.

-- email from Michael Wayne Goodman 2014/08/15

L4 is the strongest domain-specific language for writing such code. It builds on 70 years of academic work in computational law.

L4 implementation

L4 Examples

Definition of L4's language-independent computation model (aka formal semantics)