Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API
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Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API.

What is this? is a library for using modern XMPP in the browser, and it does that by exposing everything as JSON. Unless you insist, you have no need to ever see or touch any XML when using


$ npm install

Getting Started

  1. Find or install a server which supports XMPP over WebSocket (Prosody recommended).
  2. Clone this repo with git clone
  3. Run npm install in the new directory.
  4. Run npm run build to create dist/stanzaio.browser.js.
  5. Open demo.html in your browser.
  6. Enter your connection info, click connect.
  7. Use the JS console to play with the XMPP client (var client).

Echo Client Demo

var XMPP = require('');

var client = XMPP.createClient({
    jid: '',
    password: 'hunter2',

    // If you have a .well-known/host-meta.json file for your
    // domain, the connection transport config can be skipped.

    transport: 'websocket',
    wsURL: 'wss://'
    // (or `boshURL` if using 'bosh' as the transport)

client.on('session:started', function() {

client.on('chat', function(msg) {
        to: msg.from,
        body: 'You sent: ' + msg.body





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