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JXT Definitions for XMPP

Your XMPP is now JSON

Supported RFCs/IDs

RFC/ID Name Source Test Cases
RFC 7395 An Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Subprotocol for WebSocket Source
RFC 6121 Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence Source Test Cases
RFC 6120 Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core Source Test Cases
RFC 3921 Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence Source
draft-cridland-xmpp-session-01 Here Lies Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Session Establishment Source
XRD Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) Source Test Cases

Supported XEPs

XEP Name Version Source Test Cases
XEP-0004 Data Forms 2.9 Source Test Cases
XEP-0012 Last Activity 2.0 Source Test Cases
XEP-0016 Privacy Lists 1.7 Source
XEP-0030 Service Discovery 2.5rc3 Source Test Cases
XEP-0033 Extended Stanza Addressing 1.3.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0045 Multi-User Chat 1.31.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0047 In-Band Bytestreams 2.0 Source
XEP-0048 Bookmarks 1.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0049 Private XML Storage 1.2 Source
XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands 1.2.2 Source
XEP-0054 vcard-temp 1.2 Source Test Cases
XEP-0055 Jabber Search 1.3 Source
XEP-0059 Result Set Management 1.0 Source Test Cases
XEP-0060 Publish-Subscribe 1.15.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0065 SOCKS5 Bytestreams 1.8.1 Source
XEP-0066 Out of Band Data 1.5 Source
XEP-0071 XHTML-IM 1.5.4 Source
XEP-0077 In-Band Registration 2.4 Source
XEP-0080 User Location 1.9 Source Test Cases
XEP-0084 User Avatar 1.1.1 Source
XEP-0085 Chat State Notifications 2.1 Source
XEP-0092 Software Version 1.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0107 User Mood 1.2.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0108 User Activity 1.3 Source
XEP-0114 Jabber Component Protocol 1.6 Source
XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities 1.5.1 Source
XEP-0118 User Tune 1.2 Source
XEP-0122 Data Forms Validation 1.0.1 Source
XEP-0124 Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) 1.11.1 Source
XEP-0128 Service Discovery Extensions 1.0 Source
XEP-0131 Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata 1.2 Source
XEP-0138 Stream Compression 2.0 Source
XEP-0141 Data Forms Layout 1.0 Source
XEP-0144 Roster Item Exchange 1.1.1 Source
XEP-0153 vCard-Based Avatars 1.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0166 Jingle 1.1.1 Source
XEP-0167 Jingle RTP Sessions 1.1.1 Source
XEP-0172 User Nickname 1.1 Source
XEP-0176 Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method 1.0 Source
XEP-0177 Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method 1.1 Source
XEP-0184 Message Delivery Receipts 1.2 Source
XEP-0186 Invisible Command 0.13 Source
XEP-0191 Blocking Command 1.3 Source
XEP-0198 Stream Management 1.5.2 Source
XEP-0199 XMPP Ping 2.0 Source
XEP-0202 Entity Time 2.0 Source
XEP-0203 Delayed Delivery 2.0 Source
XEP-0206 XMPP over BOSH 1.4 Source
XEP-0221 Data Forms Media Element 1.0 Source
XEP-0224 Attention 1.0 Source
XEP-0231 Bits of Binary 1.0 Source
XEP-0234 Jingle File Transfer 0.18.3 Source
XEP-0247 Jingle XML Streams 0.2 Source
XEP-0249 Direct MUC Invitations 1.2 Source
XEP-0256 Last Activity in Presence 1.1 Source Test Cases
XEP-0260 Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method 1.0.1 Source
XEP-0261 Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method 1.0 Source
XEP-0261 Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions 1.0 Source
XEP-0264 Jingle Content Thumbnails 0.4 Source
XEP-0280 Message Carbons 0.12.0 Source
XEP-0293 Jingle RTP Feedback Negotiation 1.0 Source
XEP-0294 Jingle RTP Header Extensions Negotiation 1.0 Source
XEP-0297 Stanza Forwarding 1.0 Source
XEP-0300 Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP 0.5.3 Source
XEP-0301 In-Band Real Time Text 1.0 Source
XEP-0307 Unique Room Names for Multi-User Chat 0.1 Source
XEP-0308 Last Message Correction 1.0 Source
XEP-0313 Message Archive Management 0.6.1 Source
XEP-0317 Hats 0.1 Source
XEP-0319 Last User Interaction in Presence 1.0.2 Source
XEP-0320 Use of DTLS-SRTP in Jingle Sessions 0.3.1 Source
XEP-0333 Chat Markers 0.3.0 Source Test Cases
XEP-0334 Message Processing Hints 0.3.0 Source Test Cases
XEP-0335 JSON Containers 0.1 Source
XEP-0339 Source-Specific Media Attributes in Jingle 0.1 Source
XEP-0350 Data Forms Geolocation Element 0.2 Source
XEP-0352 Client State Indication 0.2.1 Source
XEP-0357 Push Notifications 0.3 Source
XEP-0359 Unique and Stable Stanza IDs 0.5 Source Test Cases
XEP-0363 HTTP File Upload 0.5.0 Source Test Cases
XEP-0371 Jingle ICE Transport Method 0.2 Source
XEP-0380 Explicit Message Encryption 0.2.0 Source Test Cases
XEP-0384 OMEMO Encryption 0.3.0 Source Test Cases
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