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Add note on message:sent firing immediately

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legastero committed Jul 10, 2019
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@@ -75,6 +75,8 @@ Now, there are several things that should be noted at this point.

First, we use the `message:sent` event to capture the `id` of outgoing messages instead of using the return value of `client.sendMessage()` or manually generating and passing `id` values to `sendMessage()`. Doing it this way ensures we capture _all_ outgoing messages, without worrying about where `sendMessage()` was called.

You might notice that the `message:sent` event gets fired _immediately_ when calling `sendMessage()`, even before the message actually gets written to a connection. This is by design: the moment you call `sendMessage()` you must treat the message as if it is in flight over the network.

Second, we are looking at the `viaCarbon` flag to distinguish if this was a message sent locally, or it came from a [XEP-0280 message carbon]( If it came from a carbon, then the server has clearly received the original message.

Third, we are storing three flags to represent multiple situations:

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