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Branch: 19.10-release
Commits on Oct 11, 2019
  1. Resolve race condition of suspending download.

    NshafiSWI committed Sep 14, 2019
    Current avcDaemon is suspending download before receiving session stop
    event. As per design, on session-stop case during download,download-
    pending event should be bypassed and download should be accepted
    automatically (user agreement disabled case) by avcDaemon. Hence, bring
    up of new download is triggered (but ends up with EAGAIN failure,
    because session-stop event comes after download-pending) and avcDaemon
    jumps into a retry loop (time span around 1 min). If the user starts a
    new session during that retry loop, subsequent avc communications are in
    Suspend download after receiving session stop.
    Resolves: LE-13334 LE-13526
    Change-Id: If1abf05038bb76448b06a436db8caff7a7cf8d2b
Commits on Sep 27, 2019
  1. Add LWM2M object /3/0/13 Write support for updating device system clock

    Andrew Au Andrew Au
    Andrew Au authored and Andrew Au committed Sep 6, 2019
    Let an AV server use a Write into LWM2M object /3/0/13 to update a device's
    clock time so that HTTPS can work for subsequent OTAs.
    Resolves: LE-13214
    Related: LE-11503 STUDY-1545
    Change-Id: I7ade74b5b40e9887391595b07ae32d534de11743
Commits on Sep 25, 2019
  1. Fix for memory leak and permanently Busy state in AVC Coap Layer

    stan-podin authored and nushcone committed Sep 18, 2019
    Remove the handler from the function parameters, and declare as a
    separate event.
    Introduce a possibility to cancel the stream in the Push API.
    Reset the PushBusy flag on errors, to avoid going into
    permanenly busy state.
    Resolves: LE-13459 LE-13460
    Change-Id: I4d9a909fbcef884a658b15d59a24ca3f9e030949
Commits on Sep 13, 2019
  1. Fix build with gcc 8.3

    CoRfr committed Sep 10, 2019
    Resolves: LE-13454
    Change-Id: Iaff425b00f75f3f11788a1baf661291fee6bbcd6
Commits on Sep 12, 2019
  1. Fix incorrect INET family settings in AVC's osUdp.c for running DNS

    Andrew Au Andrew Au
    Andrew Au authored and Andrew Au committed Sep 10, 2019
    The incorrect settings to INET6 and AF_UNSPEC caused extra rounds of
    DNS resolutions for IPv6's AAAA records.
    Resolves: LE-13250
    Related: LE-13257
    Change-Id: I6b3fdcfc58feead07c8f800a20dca75ffafedf34
Commits on Sep 10, 2019
  1. Update bootstrap credential management mechanism

    nushcone authored and jbacksierrawireless committed Aug 13, 2019
    Implement a more robust avc bootstrap credential management mechanism.
    This mechanism involves the following:
    - Making factory bs credentials read-only
    - Prevent the write of the same bs credentials
    - Backup last bs credentials when key rotations occurs
    If bs credentials are deleted or corrupted, we always have the backup
    to use. Or at worse, we always have the factory bs credentials to work with.
    Resolves: LE-13331 LE-13215
    Change-Id: I9b9fc9b6f05d84f9112e24fcc304d2614886e6aa
Commits on Sep 9, 2019
  1. Do not crash if polling timer returns LE_BUSY

    CoRfr committed Aug 22, 2019
    It appears that in some cases, we are trying to start the polling
    timer while it is already running.
    In that case the API le_timer_Start returns LE_BUSY.
    Instead of failing, we are continuing but also logging a warning
    Resolves: LE-13119
    Change-Id: I55a71c6e451596674b648dbbda5f2aaeee90ca52
Commits on Aug 12, 2019
  1. Fix packageDownloader data incoherency

    NshafiSWI committed Aug 12, 2019
    When packageDownloader workspace is updated, file for storing it is
    created with O_TRUNC enabled. This introduces a small window where power
    trip may cause this file with zero size which leads to avcDaemon state
    incoherency. Remove this O_TRUNC flag.
    Resolves: LE-13259
    Change-Id: I5ca7980971a8e6988a5382781d55cbd0f27b693d
Commits on Aug 2, 2019
  1. Fix AVC code in osPortConnectivity to handle not yet created MDC prof…

    Andrew Au Andrew Au
    Andrew Au authored and Andrew Au committed Aug 2, 2019
    Since MDC has moved to not having a modem profile created until the 1st le_mdc_Get*()
    operation on it, GetCellularApn() didn't handle an LE_NOT_FOUND return code from
    le_mdc_GetAPN(). This set of code patches adds this handling back to skip non-created
    profiles while collecting all configured APNs.
    Resolves: LE-13258
    Change-Id: Ifa084c064bff7f58228931d967554495208cd7b6
Commits on Jul 31, 2019
  1. Fix avcDaemon suspend/resume data corruption

    NshafiSWI committed Jul 30, 2019
     - Fix corruption of packageDownloader workspace when a current FOTA
       job is aborted and a new job is queued.
     - Fix SOTA state machine corruption.
     - Remove stale SOTA/FOTA suspend/resume data in case of job abortion.
     - Fix package downloader global variable corruption when back to back
       SOTA/FOTA job is scheduled
     - Some minor code refactoring
    Resolves: LE-13049
    Change-Id: Ia9a1079621fdbe4a129d42efe839ecd4035775ae
Commits on Jul 26, 2019
  1. Clean packageDownloader workspace after fwupdate/system update

    NshafiSWI committed Jul 24, 2019
    As part of legato/ulegato merge, most of avcDaemon suspend/resume
    state information is moved inside the package downloader workspace.
    However, this workspace should be cleaned after a local system/fwupdate
    operation as old workspace become stale. Remove the workspace after
    local fwupdate/system update.
    Resolves: LE-13226
    Change-Id: Idd586993c6fbb379142d5ce6a625b006d05ad22d
Commits on Jul 19, 2019

    NshafiSWI committed Jul 19, 2019
    SOTA was missing LE_AVC_INSTALL_COMPLETE as avcDaemon state machine was
    returning before reporting this event to control app. Fix avcDaemon
    state machine to avoid early returning.
    Resolves: LE-13153
    Change-Id: I4b4ec5b7b940319e6791fc9b4bf7ee012c660ef1
Commits on Jul 17, 2019
  1. Fix avcDaemon crash after FOTA upgrade

    NshafiSWI committed Jul 17, 2019
    Status callback handler isn't called properly which is causing
    avcDaemon to crash after FOTA upgrade. Fixed the invocation of
    callback handler.
    Resolves: LE-13184
    Change-Id: Ia0825a20e5ee37eb6deb5f976a940090d80fa638
Commits on Jul 4, 2019
  1. Fix for avcDaemon restarted by watchdog during FOTA download

    stan-podin committed Jun 28, 2019
    - ignore the duplicate "session start" request
    - during the download process, prevent other le_fwupdate_
      API functions from being called (and thus AVC main thread
      from being blocked for long time).
    Resolves: LE-13111
    Related: ECHO-802
    Change-Id: I1319739601fe19e3b7af2010fd455e445d432834
Commits on Jun 10, 2019
  1. Fix build error if config tree is disabled

    Andrew MacIsaac
    Andrew MacIsaac committed Jun 10, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12957
    Change-Id: I47e588547456110575984d1aaa67f81a9f0ffa6a
Commits on Jun 7, 2019
  1. Fix failure of LE_AVC_INSTALL_COMPLETE notification

    nadjim brahmi Gilles Raynal
    nadjim brahmi authored and Gilles Raynal committed Apr 29, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12681
    Change-Id: I79c8b7afcb2b67163fbc39653c827b575aeece31
Commits on May 24, 2019
  1. Update avcClient.c using new GetDateTime api

    Vincent Gao
    Vincent Gao committed May 24, 2019
     - Replace le_data_GetDate and le_data_GetTime to a single call of
     - Add a stub function for le_data_GetDateTime
    Resolves: LE-9060
    Related: LE-12714 LE-9932
    Change-Id: I816707119684db9b724a062dc1f7b5e8105ad8e8
Commits on May 22, 2019
  1. Increase memory block size for lwm2mcore

    ppalanicha committed May 17, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12726
    Change-Id: I885a6ef01da7defc05f8d10565809af91ec74e20
Commits on May 6, 2019
  1. Handle expired HTTPS certificate case

    oabid authored and Gilles Raynal committed Apr 26, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12734
    Relates: LE-12717 LE-12741
    Change-Id: I5623892022a6f8ff355e4358b87ec321d5dbb4f9
Commits on Apr 29, 2019
  1. Revert "Add LWM2M_LEGATO_WAKEUP to the app model"

    stan-podin committed Apr 29, 2019
    This reverts commit 93360b5
    Resolves: LE-12746
    Change-Id: I502bacd23c7d6c52cf50f21be7ac7a540e94daaa
  2. Fix unused values error on Travis CI + remove osPortSecurity.c

    CoRfr committed Apr 27, 2019
    It seems that it complains in the travis environment:
    /home/travis/build/legatoproject/workspace/legato/apps/platformServices/airVantageConnector/avcClient/osPortSecurityOpenSSL.c: In function ‘lwm2mcore_Base64Encode’:
    /home/travis/build/legatoproject/workspace/legato/apps/platformServices/airVantageConnector/avcClient/osPortSecurityOpenSSL.c:118:5: error: value computed is not used [-Werror=unused-value]
    /home/travis/build/legatoproject/workspace/legato/apps/platformServices/airVantageConnector/avcClient/osPortSecurityOpenSSL.c:120:5: error: value computed is not used [-Werror=unused-value]
         BIO_set_close(bio, BIO_NOCLOSE);
    cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
    ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
    make: *** [system] Error 1
    The error is very similar to I82c269b45a348d68a0c5b46e91890444eecfbd24 ,
    so fixing it the exact same way.
    The original file it was applied to (osPortSecurity.c) had been renamed
    on the branch but without the fix.
    When the change got introduced on the master branch, the original file
    was kept while it is now dead code, so removing it.
    Resolves: LE-12739
    Related: LE-11220
    Change-Id: I390ba4aa8de13089affec32cd23f7e19ac2ea5e5
Commits on Apr 25, 2019
  1. Fix build on gcc 8.2

    CoRfr committed Apr 24, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12707
    Change-Id: Icb448e1b84cf392c3cca121db6023570ab541dc0
Commits on Apr 18, 2019
  1. Merge AVC component from uLegato to master

    oabid committed Apr 8, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12559
    Change-Id: I8a544fb3ae3c4944f10cdca0bb56182db0c2d7a1
Commits on Apr 5, 2019
  1. Fix string handling warnings from GCC 8.2.

    Kaz Kylheku authored and CoRfr committed Apr 2, 2019
    * avcDaemon/coap.c (CoapMessageHandler): Here the pattern
    strncpy(X, Y, strlen(Y)) occurs. This is equivalent to a
    a strcpy that doesn't copy the null terminating byte.
    Replacing with le_utf8_Copy.
    Resolves: LE-12273
    Change-Id: I616a43fb5654e1ab997999ea99c944e1fd8ecade
Commits on Mar 26, 2019
  1. Initialize more list links

    Andrew MacIsaac
    Andrew MacIsaac committed Mar 26, 2019
    There were several places where list links were not being initialized
    as required by our documentaton.
    Resolves: LE-12415
    Change-Id: I49c274e79999a5f355dc852304a6c0ffa59a48d8
Commits on Mar 15, 2019
  1. WIFI intermittently displayed as Technology on AVMS

    stan-podin committed Mar 14, 2019
    The problem is that le_data_GetTechnology() may return WIFI when
    DCS is in the process of attempting WiFi connection (for example
    due to unstable cellular connection).
    The fix is to make lwm2mcore_GetNetworkBearer() (and other APIs
    from the same group) return INVALID_STATE if connection is down.
    In this case, if the system is in "attempting connection" state,
    the synchronize job will still return without error, but the
    technology field will not be received from the device, and
    will not be updated in the server GUI.
    Resolves: LE-11782
    Change-Id: I88a3a93750cc9708ff73232bb35512e1bc0dd8bd
Commits on Mar 13, 2019
  1. Fix some poorly initialized list elements

    Andrew MacIsaac
    Andrew MacIsaac committed Mar 13, 2019
    Resolves: LE-12415
    Change-Id: I14758eb5d80dbfb2ffff24fe66713f0e5ad365b6
Commits on Mar 11, 2019
  1. Import liblegato changes from uLegato

    Andrew MacIsaac
    Andrew MacIsaac committed Jan 31, 2019
    For AVC the only relevant change is that the internal "fsSys" API has
    been renamed to "updateInfo."
    Resolves: LE-10825
    Change-Id: If79516c7943b3bab5bca682955c710043bbc7c82
Commits on Mar 7, 2019
  1. Improvements to coap api

    ppalanicha committed Dec 20, 2018
    - In coapHandlerTest, instead of bundling test patterns of large size,
      this patch uses the tinyCBOR API to generate test patterns on runtime.
    - An issue in reading test patterns from file is fixed.
    - Changed the interface to send payload in binary format.
    Resolves: LE-11152
    Change-Id: I809ce263a8ce4abb88c1ae0397ef8f492da3bf99
Commits on Mar 1, 2019
  1. Fix for FOTA download failure in poor network conditions

    stan-podin committed Feb 19, 2019
    This patch addresses the following issues:
    1) In poor network conditions fwupdateDaemon gets restarted by WatchDog
       The problem is, Curl is making up to 5 download attempts, each can take
       up to 5 minutes (because Curl connection timeout is configured to 300s).
       This may result in expiration of either
       - Watchdog timeout (960s), or
       - le_fwupdate_Download() timeout (900s)
       Which results in Curl retry logic not being executed completely, and
       FOTA not being suspended (as it supposed to be).
       The fix is to:
       - reduce the Curl connection timeout so that Curl retry routine
         would never exceed 900s, and therefore wouldn't cause above mentioned
       - re-introduce the low speed limit timeout (removed with LE-11908 fix)
         to limit the time that Curl downloader can spend in stalled state.
    2) CRC mismatch during curl retry
       Download range offset is getting reset to 0 when a curl failure
       is encountered. The fix is to point the starting offset for a
       retry operation to the last byte downloaded.
    Resolves: LE-12274
    Change-Id: I4d1e4d884c67e4e83d82489d903e712e445c9087
Commits on Jan 28, 2019
  1. Suspend package download when curl retry fails

    ppalanicha committed Jan 23, 2019
    - Remove the speed limit from curl
    - Do not report download failure if retries fail, instead
      suspend download. The download will resume at the next
      polling period.
    Resolves: LE-11908
    Change-Id: I9ed693a004df4ddf8bb42a4b5c9dcfd3d2195f55
Commits on Jan 23, 2019
  1. Update SIM switch mechanism in AVC

    oabid authored and Gilles Raynal committed Jun 5, 2018
    - Add support for automatic SIM selection mode
    Resolves: LE-7510
    Change-Id: I4318d2697b61dd7d7191d316ecde5f336c3a1e06
Commits on Jan 9, 2019
  1. Fix for SMS not being deleted by AVC

    stan-podin committed Nov 5, 2018
    The problem is that AVC is deleting SMS only if it is
    identified to be a Wake-Up SMS.
    The fix:
    Since the Delete() call is just a releasing/dereferencing,
    AVC should always invoke it after the message is processed. The
    message will be deleted after it's released by all clients.
    Also contains improvement of the logic checking the message
    Resolves: LE-11505
    Change-Id: I720f0cfaaa19c5e79002130502c4f44cc340f1e3
Commits on Dec 5, 2018
  1. Reset FW update state to IDLE after receiving new URI

    NshafiSWI authored and jbacksierrawireless committed Nov 28, 2018
    Resolves: LE-11752
    Change-Id: I1ba2b8188d07c0136863521dda4682032cb7f2d8
Commits on Nov 30, 2018
  1. Add LWM2M_LEGATO_WAKEUP to the app model

    stan-podin authored and nushcone committed Nov 15, 2018
    Secured SMS Wake-Up is implemented on both AV server and Legato
    sides; to enable the GUI button on the server, new entry
    must be added to the application model.
    Resolves: LE-11658
    Change-Id: Ia28f6ef7f6d0b862fc5113dd69285c33e9ec3ab3
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