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Firefox Add-on: Find what you seek faster, using jump-to-word buttons and rich highlighting.
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Logo SearchWP is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It converts your search box into a dynamic tool that helps you find what you're searching for quickly and easily. Either reveal the text you were looking for with colour-coded highlighting, or just click on individual words to jump to them.

If you like this add-on, you will probably want to try SearchBox Sync.

SearchWP on OS X SearchWP on Windows SearchWP jump-to-word buttons

For more details, please visit Mozilla Add-ons.

Key Features

  • Jump-to-word buttons
  • Highlighting
  • Compatible with SearchBox Sync. This add-on automatically updates the search box content when you search directly in a search engine (Google, Yahoo!, ...).
  • Included translations: English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Spain)

Special thanks

A special section to thank these people for their efforts!

  • Robert Katić: the first real contributor! He his leading and contributing new features development, improvements, bug fixes.
  • David Regev: contributed many improvement ideas and great feedback.
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