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Legesher's Website

💻 Code in any programming language using your native written ✏️language.

Programming with Legesher's dev tools empowers any developer to create without losing the art of innovation 💡, creativity 🎨, or collaboration 🤝 in translation.

David Dependency Status Pull Requests Welcome First Timers Only

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legesher-dot-io 🌳 is the public facing website to showcase our developer tools for interchanging the written language within your code. This is currently in the beta version for the website, and currently looking to revamp for version 1.0.0 of Legesher.


❤️Legesher relies on the passionate members of its community (both developer and non-developer alike) to keep delivering impactful tools to people all over the world.

Before contributing, be sure to consult Legesher's contribution guidelines and language conventions. As a member of our community, you must abide by our Code Of Conduct.


1️⃣ Fork the legesher/legesher-dot-io repository
Follow these instructions on how to fork a repository

2️⃣ Cloning the repository
Once you have set up your fork of the legesher/legesher-dot-io repository, you'll want to clone it to your local machine. This is so you can make and test all of your personal edits before adding it to the master version of legesher/legesher-dot-io.

Navigate to the location on your computer where you want to host your code. Once in the appropriate folder, run the following command to clone the repository to your local machine.

git clone

3️⃣ Bootstrapping the repository
You'll then want to navigate within the folder that was just created that contains all of the content of the forked repository. There you'll want to run the installation script to get the updated version of all the dependencies.

cd legesher-dot-io
npm install


We love your desire to give back, and want to make the process as welcoming to newcomers and experts as possible. We're working on developing more intuitive tutorials for individuals of all skill levels and expertise, so if you think the community would value from being walked through the steps you're going through please share! ❤️

Test Changes

When you start making changes to the code on your local branch, you'll need to test those changes. Before your code can be accepted into the master branch, it will have to pass all of the tests within /spec/*. To check the updates made to the grammar, run the following commands:

1️⃣ Save Current Changes
When you get to a point when you want to test the functionality of the code, make sure all your changes are saved. They don't necessarily have to be committed changes in order to test them.

2️⃣ Test changes
To make sure that the application is properly updated, run the tests.

npm test

Our hosting client, Zeit, will go through the necessary CI checks to make sure the build is properly set up. We want to make sure the website is mobile friendly and cross-platform enhanced.

Legesher Projects

Legesher Developer Tools might be useful to you if:

  • you are a non-native english speaker
  • you are new to programming
  • you work on a team with non-native english speakers
  • you are a developer (simple enough)
Project Purpose
tree-sitter-legesher-python Tree-sitter python grammar used by text editors allowing Legesher's languages to be implemented
language-legesher-python Atom's programming language binding to allow syntax highlighting, code folding etc. to a specific grammar
legesher-translations Host and API of all the language translations for written languages for code keywords / concepts
legesher-dot-io Legesher's public website
legesher-docs Legesher's official documentation.
legesher Git integration to collaborate with code and others in other languages
legesher-pride a non-programmer's dream to contributing to open source by sharing what they know and learning what's new


This repository is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

The Community

A message from our founder, Madi:

It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by a community of passionate, driven individuals who love sharing their gifts to creating better products together. Your contribution means the world to me, and keeps me motivated to continue creating. This wouldn't be possible without you. From the bottom of my heart, 💛 THANK YOU!

Meet our community (full of contributors, backers, sponsors, and supporters) that give a little piece of their heart to this project. Thank you so much. (emoji key)

Madison (Pfaff) Edgar

📆 💻 🎨

Ashley Narcisse

💻 🚇

Heriberto Sosa



💻 🎨

Mythreya Kuricheti




Federico Babrauskas




İrfan Şener



📖 🐛

Alexis Ortiz Ojeda


Alex Richards




Tan Siret G. AKINCI


Aayush Srivastava




Arun Mohan Raj


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome and recognized.