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Examples of doing simple things using Pusher.

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Pusher Simple Examples

A resource of really simple how-to examples.


Subscribing to and Publishing data on Channels with different names (PHP)


Provides a way of subscribing to and triggering events on any channel name. A good way of double-checking if your channel name is valid. Uses the PHP Pusher library by squeeks. Also see Channel naming conventions.

You can view the code in action here:

Excluding events from a recipient (Ruby)


Shows how to exclude recipients from receiving events when trigger events using the Pusher Ruby gem.

Publishing Events from a Rails Model


Update ruby/rails/src/initializers/pusher.rb with your Pusher credentials.

Code for triggering/publishing the event can be found in ruby/rails/src/app/models/post.rb

Using Pusher on Google App Engine

View the file in python-gae for more information.


QuickStart example for the Pusher Pipe (Node.js)


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