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Pusher Singly Client example

  • The simplest example can be found in public/simple.html.
  • A more complex example that lets you subscribe to all Singly supported services can be found in public/index.html.


<script src=""></script>
<script src="/path/to/pusher-singly/base64.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/pusher-singly/pusher-singly.js"></script>
	var pusher = new Pusher( YOUR_APP_KEY );
	var singly = new PusherSingly( pusher );
	var channel = singly.subscribe( {
		path: '/services/twitter/self',
	} );
	channel.bind( 'singly:data_received', function( data ) {
		// handle update

Using with Hallway

If you are just running the Pusher streamer service as part of hallway (Singly repo, Pusher modified repo) and you want to use the Singly cloud service as the API you'll need to expose the Pusher streamer server using something like localtunnel.

Because of this the client supplies a way of dynamically setting the WebHook endpoint for the Singly Push API. As part of the singly.subscribe call you can pass a webhook options.

var pusher = new Pusher( '94a30c48931d62ed5ebf', { encrypted: true } );
var singly = new PusherSingly( pusher );
var channel = singly.subscribe( {
	path: '/services/twitter/self',
	token: accessToken,
	webhook: ''
} );

The value of the webhook needs to match the one presently running with localtunnel.

Singly hallway Pusher streamer

The version of hallway linked below has been modified to:

  1. have a pusherStreamer class
  2. Support running standalone without hallway using scripts/pusher-standalone.js


Running Examples