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Given a URL to a reveal.js slide deck capture each slide as an image
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Reveal.js Slides Image Capture

The purpose of this is to make it easy to capture each slide from a reveal.js presentation as an image in an automated way. These images can then be used in any presenatation write-up.

Or you can take the images and create a PDF from the output. Here's an example created by Robin Hawkes:

Note: Robin had to use a custom version of PhantomJS to support Web Fonts


You can install globally using:

npm install -g revealjs-capture

This adds the revealjs-capture executable to your PATH.


You can then capture an image for each slide in your reveal.js presentation using:

revealjs-capture -s <slides_url>


revealjs-capture -s

Release History


  • Added -o, --output flag to allow the output location of the rendered slide captutes to be configured


  • Hide navigation elements on slides
  • Refactor to be more OO


  • Add resource load detection for each slide and only capture image when all resources are loaded
  • Make it possible to capture only certain slide indices e.g. revealjs-capture <url> --indices [ [5,5], [10.1] ] (or something similar)
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