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CodeIgniter 2.1 (PHP Framework) + RedBeanPHP 3.1 (ORM) for Rapid Development
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Rapid Development with CodeIgniter and RedBeanPHP


Changes comparing to vanilla CodeIgniter setup

  • added RedBeanPHP (RB) to libraries (obviously)
  • config file for RB
  • global helper with few useful functions
  • sessions controller for handling users sessions + view files
  • users controller for creating user account in database + view files
  • routes for login/register
  • autoloading necessary libraries and helpers for functionality mentioned above
  • added (not very random) encryption key in config.php file
  • global XSS filtering active
  • .htaccess file for rewriting urls (no need for "/index.php/" part)

How to use it?

  1. Make sure that .htaccess fits your needs
  2. Edit application/config/config.php and application/config/redbean.php files to configure CI and RB respectively
  3. Start coding!


loads of stuff



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