Arches 4 project for the Heritage Monitoring Scouts program, maintained by Florida Public Archaeology Network
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Florida Public Archaeology Network - Heritage Monitoring Scouts

This an app based on Arches designed to facilitate the collection of condition assessments for historic cemeteries, structures, and archaeological sites all around the state of Florida. Arches is an web-based inventory and mapping system for cultural heritage management.


This is an Arches v4 project that works in conjunction with two other repos, the fpan_master branch of the legiongis/arches fork (a slightly modified fork of the Arches 4.0.1 release), and legiongis/fpan-data (a complete Arches package). To install your own version of this project, begin by following the (official v4 installation documentation). After you have all dependencies installed and a virtual environment created, come back here.

With your virtual environment activated, enter a new directory and

  • clone this project repo

      git clone
  • clone the package repo legiongis/fpan-data

      git clone
  • clone the legiongis/arches fork and checkout the fpan_master branch

      git clone
      cd arches
      git fetch --all
      git checkout fpan_master
      cd ..
  • make in the project (place in fpan/fpan)

    this should contain all of your normal environment-specific variables, like database credentials, as well as two new variables:

     SECRET_LOG = "path/to/some/dir/outside/of/version/control"
     PACKAGE_PATH = "full/local/path/to/the/location/of/fpan-data/repo"
  • enter the project directory and load the package (make sure elasticsearch is running)

      cd fpan
      python load_package -db
  • once loading is complete, you should be able to run the django dev server and view the database in a browser at localhost:8000

      python runserver