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Automatically update your domain with a short bash script
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legitDNS bash script update service

Automatically update your domain with this short script.


# Use git to download this script 
git clone

# enter the directory
cd domain_updater

# Edit the script to include your domain and account token
nano -w

# After reviewing the code, mark the script as executable
chmod +x

# Identify the full path of this file
# (output would be something like  "/home/user/domain_updater/")

# Edit your crontab file, which contains programs that automatically run at certain times
crontab -e

# Add a new line to your crontab to include the file:
# This line will check for updates every 10 minutes
*/10 * * * * /home/user/domain_updater/

# Save your crontab file, and exit the editor. Wait about 10 minutes and ping your domain to see if the update was successful.
ping -c5
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