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(in-package :sasl)
(defclass anonymous (client)
((trace :initform ""
:initarg :trace
:accessor trace-data
:documentation "Trace information.
This may be an e-mail address, or an opaque token that the
client's system administrator can interpret. It can also
be an empty string (the default).")
;; internal variable
(state :initform :start
:accessor state)
(mechanism-name :initform "ANONYMOUS"))
(:documentation "Client-side implementation of the SASL ANONYMOUS mechanism,
as specified in RFC 2245 and/or draft-ietf-sasl-anon-05. It is supposed to
always conform to the latter, and to conform to both if the trace information
only contains printable ASCII characters or is empty."))
(defmethod client-step ((c anonymous) server-input)
(declare (ignore server-input))
(ecase (state c)
(setf (state c) :sent)
(string-to-utf8 (trace-data c)))
;; arch-tag: 45e47574-6834-11da-8b94-000a95c2fcd0