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Fix xa autoaway status string.

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1 parent 67e9181 commit 105f771013032cce3c6dc4f82d8f093bdeaeff84 @evgkrsk evgkrsk committed
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  1. +1 −1 jabber-autoaway.el
2 jabber-autoaway.el
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ Return nil on error."
(unless (member *jabber-current-show* '("xa" "dnd"))
(if xa "xa" "away")
- (if (string= *jabber-current-status* jabber-default-status) (if xa jabber-autoaway-xa-status jabber-autoaway-status) *jabber-current-status*)
+ (if (or (string= *jabber-current-status* jabber-default-status) (string= *jabber-current-status* jabber-autoaway-status)) (if xa jabber-autoaway-xa-status jabber-autoaway-status) *jabber-current-status*)
(or (if xa jabber-autoaway-priority jabber-autoaway-xa-priority) *jabber-current-priority*)))
(setq jabber-autoaway-last-idle-time (jabber-autoaway-get-idle-time))

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