Font containing fruit symbols (U+1F345 to U+1F353, with gaps:
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The Grapefruit font

This font contains depictions of various fruit characters that were added to Unicode in version 6.0. The depictions were copied and adapted from

There is a web page at http://xn–, and the source code lives at

Copyright and license

Copyright © 2008 Randall Munroe Copyright © 2010 Magnus Henoch <>

Like the comic, this font is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License (

The script is released under the ISC license; see comments in that file.


You can run make install, which will install Grapefruit.ttf into /usr/local/share/fonts (unless you passed other options to the configure script).

To install the font just for one user, copy Grapefruit.ttf into ~/.fonts, or some other directory listed in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.

At the time of writing, Emacs doesn’t find the font automatically. You can add something like this to your .emacs:

(set-fontset-font “fontset-default” (cons (aref “🍅” 0) (aref “🍓” 0)) “Grapefruit”)

Fruit assortment


Fruit and vegetable symbols in Unicode. A check mark means that the fruit is present in the comic.

  • [X] 1F345 🍅 TOMATO
  • [ ] 1F346 🍆 AUBERGINE
  • [X] 1F347 🍇 GRAPES
  • [ ] 1F348 🍈 MELON
  • [X] 1F349 🍉 WATERMELON
  • [ ] 1F34A 🍊 TANGERINE
  • [X] 1F34B 🍋 LEMON
  • [X] 1F34C 🍌 BANANA
  • [X] 1F34D 🍍 PINEAPPLE
  • [X] 1F34E 🍎 RED APPLE
  • [X] 1F34F 🍏 GREEN APPLE
  • [X] 1F350 🍐 PEAR
  • [X] 1F351 🍑 PEACH
  • [X] 1F352 🍒 CHERRIES
  • [X] 1F353 🍓 STRAWBERRY


Fruit and vegetable symbols in the XKCD comic. A check mark means that the fruit is present in Unicode. Notably, the grapefruit, that names both the comic and the font, is missing in Unicode.

  • [X] pineapple
  • [ ] pomegranate
  • [ ] orange
  • [X] watermelon
  • [ ] grapefruit
  • [X] lemon
  • [X] grapes
  • [X] banana
  • [X] tomato
  • [X] cherry
  • [ ] plum
  • [X] pear
  • [X] peach
  • [X] strawberry
  • [ ] blueberry
  • [X] green apple
  • [X] red apple

Red vs green apples

Both the comic and Unicode contain both red and green apples. However, it’s impossible to use different colours for different glyphs, and furthermore the two fruits look exactly the same in the comic except for the colour. Therefore I decided to make the green apple be a mirrored version of the red apple.