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Commits on Aug 6, 2012
  1. Fix highlighting of atoms ending with a dollar sign

    Like this: 'atom$'.  In that example, the last single quote should be
    recognised as ending the atom.  This needs a font-lock workaround
    similar to the one for strings.
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
  1. List behaviour callbacks in Edoc when using -callback attribute

    Defining a behaviour_info/1 function is no longer the only way to
    define a behaviour; you can use -callback attributes as well.  This
    change makes edoc aware of the latter, such that the module
    documentation page for a behaviour module will list the name and arity
    of the required callback functions.
    Ideally, edoc should use the type information present in the callback
    attributes, but with this change, the documentation is at least no
    worse than when using an explicit behaviour_info function.
Commits on Jun 29, 2012
  1. Cache results of Hipe compilation during Dialyzer startup

    Store compiled Hipe binary chunks in ~/.dialyzer_hipe_cache, which is
    created if it doesn't exist.
    I also had to change hipe.erl, to export do_load/3.  Hints on how to
    avoid that gratefully accepted.
    (cherry picked from commit 7a2b2c8)
  2. Respect erlang-indent-aruments-from-line-start in nested lists and tu…

    (cherry picked from commit 177b86b5550aee682446780eb2088d77cdb0b1cd)
  3. Emacs erlang-mode: indent function arguments from line start (if desi…

    magnus.henoch committed with
    Add a new option, erlang-indent-arguments-from-line-start, that makes
    erlang-argument-indent refer to line start, not the first column of
    the function name.
    (cherry picked from commit 8520e61f2ed27c9d2f4db31e4b8f3aa236c7e5d1)
  4. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'wc/fix-eunit-print-stacktrace' into pu

    proxyles committed with
    (cherry picked from commit 1a4591d)
  5. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'mh/eunit_surefire-fixture-errors' into pu

    proxyles committed with
    (cherry picked from commit c8b685c)
  6. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'tp/supervisor-pass-on-errors' into pu

    proxyles committed with
    (cherry picked from commit 9cf4259)
  7. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'nox/compile-column-numbers' into pu

    proxyles committed with
    (cherry picked from commit 081d398)
  8. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'mh/remove-compilation-error-regexp' into pu

    proxyles committed with
    (cherry picked from commit 199c604)
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
  1. @psyeugenic
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
  1. @lthor

    [xmerl] Remove trailing blanks

    lthor committed
  2. @lthor

    [xmerl] Fix bug in namespace handling for attributes

    lthor committed
    The uniqueness check of attributes failed when the namespace_conformant
    flag was set to true.
Commits on Dec 12, 2011
  1. Prepare release

    Erlang/OTP committed
  2. @psyeugenic

    Make vxwork build

    psyeugenic committed
  3. @psyeugenic

    Update preloaded modules

    psyeugenic committed
  4. @pekadan

    Merge remote branch 'origin/peppe/common_test/r15b_docs'

    pekadan committed
    * origin/peppe/common_test/r15b_docs:
      Update basics chapter and introduce getting started chapter
      Document the tc_logfile data
      Document new CSS look and the basic_html flag
      Document info functions for init/end_per_suite/group
      Document the group info function
      Document changes in test specifications (groups) and style sheets
      Document group specifications in all/0 and the group info function
  5. @pekadan
  6. @pekadan

    Document the tc_logfile data

    pekadan committed
  7. @pekadan
  8. @pekadan
  9. @pekadan

    Document the group info function

    pekadan committed
  10. @pekadan
  11. @pekadan
Commits on Dec 10, 2011
  1. @rickard-green

    Merge branch 'rickard/alloc-opt/OTP-7775'

    rickard-green committed
    * rickard/alloc-opt/OTP-7775:
      Fix thread progress debug code for has_reached_wakeup()
  2. @rickard-green
  3. @dgud

    Merge branch 'dgud/wx/behaviour-spec'

    dgud committed
    * dgud/wx/behaviour-spec:
      [wx] Add handle_cast to avoid behaviour warning
      [wx] Avoid missing wx_object behaviour warning
      [wx] Remove warnings Add an additional cast when casting buffer offsets, to remove warnings "cast to pointer from integer of different size"
      [wx] Add callback specs to wx_object
Commits on Dec 9, 2011
  1. @bufflig

    Merge branch 'pan/win64-fixes'

    bufflig committed
    * pan/win64-fixes:
      Update to reflect changes in R15B
      Make erl_alloc.c use correct strtol variant on windows
      Set absolute limit on number of threads in ethread_SUITE
  2. @bufflig
  3. @RaimoNiskanen

    Merge branch 'raimo/driver-API-doc'

    RaimoNiskanen committed
    * raimo/driver-API-doc:
      Driver API: Update documentation for 64-bit sizes
  4. @psyeugenic

    Update preloaded modules

    psyeugenic committed
  5. @RaimoNiskanen
  6. @psyeugenic

    Update primary bootstrap

    psyeugenic committed
  7. @psyeugenic

    Update copyright years

    psyeugenic committed
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