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Python BDD Pattern
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Light weight BDD Pattern


  • pip install apple-mango


  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible with Python unittest
  • Compatible with existing test code
  • Support Python3

Next Step

  • Register to pypi
  • Add CI
  • Support pytest


  • Define regular test class
  • Define regular test method with @mango.given()
  • Define inner when method with @mango.when()
  • Define inner then method with @mango.then()
  • Run python test: python -m unittest
  • No need to call inner when and then method becuase given(), when(), then() decorators will take care of it



class MangoUseCase(TestCase):
    def setUp(self):
        self.user = 'jun'

    @mango.given('I am logged-in user')
    def test_profile(self):
        self.given.user_profile = 'my_profile'
        self.given.user_photo = 'my_photo'

        self.given.notifications_count = 3
        self.given.unread_notifications_count = 1

        @mango.when('I click profile')
        def when_click_profile():

            @mango.then('I see profile')
            def then_profile():
                self.assertEqual(self.given.user_profile, 'my_profile')

            @mango.then('I see my photo')
            def then_photo():
                self.assertEqual(self.given.user_photo, 'my_photo')

        @mango.when('I click notification')
        def when_click_notification():

            @mango.then('I see 3 notifications')
            def then_notification():
                self.assertEqual(self.given.notifications_count, 3)

            @mango.then('I see 1 unread notification')
            def then_unread_notification():
                self.assertEqual(self.given.unread_notifications_count, 1)

    @mango.given('I am logged-out user')
    def test_auth(self):
        self.given.status_code = 401

        @mango.when('I access profile by url')
        def when_access_profile():
            print('access profile')

            @mango.then('I see 401 error')
            def then_error():
                self.assertEqual(self.given.status_code, 401)

Run Example

python -m unittest


Run Test

python -m unittest tests/
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