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Legume Federation

A consortium of scientists working to support robust agriculture for a substantially legume-fed world.

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  1. cvitjs Public

    CViTjs - Chromosome Viewing Tool. A javascript tool for quick whole-genome views of data.

    JavaScript 9 3

  2. cmap-js Public

    Display and compare biological maps (genetic, physical, cytogenetic, genomic, linkage groups, chromosomes, scaffolds).

    JavaScript 4 1

  3. gcvit Public

    CViT based tool for visualising VCF files.

    JavaScript 2 4

  4. Legume Federation data sources; refactored for gradle in InterMine v2.

    Java 1

  5. lorax Public

    a web server that "speaks for the (phylogenetic) trees"

    C 1 2

  6. Forked from tripal/tripal_blast

    LegFed development repository for Tripal Blast. For official releases & documentation go to

    PHP 1


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