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Extract tools from TEI-encoded abstracts against a matching list.

Build with Maven

mvn clean package

Launch the tool

java -jar target/ToolXtractor-full.jar -byTool -dir data/DH/xml/2015/ -inputTools src/main/resources/tools_teresah.txt


Usage: java -jar ToolXtractor-full.jar

-byAbstract Results will be a list of abstracts with each tool used

-byTool Results will be a list of tools with each abstract they are mentioned in

-dir <arg> Provide path to directory to parse

-inputTools <arg> A txt file with list of the tools (1 tool per line)

-stopwords <arg> A txt file with list of the stopwords (toolnames that you don't want to appear in the results) (1 tool per line)

-reverse Reverse the order of the result (by default ascending order)

-verbose Add extra verbose information

-ignoreCase By default, we use case for matching tool names, by using this option, we will ignore the case

-printJson For the SSH Open Marketplace, we have a script to create relations between entities. This option creates an output that can be used with such script. It is a different way to show the results.

-preAnnotateTEI In a directory called output_annotation/, the TEI files will be created with annotation of the tools found within a <rs> element.


We provide two sample datasets in this repository, both encoded in TEI:

  1. Papers from DH conferences 2015–2020, licenced under CC BY and retrieved from ADHO's GitHub page:
    • caveat: for papers of DH2017 we used the tool Grobid to create XML-TEI files (however, Grobid failed to convert all files properly, some of these conversions contain only parts of the PDF versions, that's why we also provide plain-text TXT versions for DH2017).
  2. Articles from DH Quarterly, licenced under CC BY-ND and retrieved via the official download link: (placed in the folder /data/DHQ/).

Example of output

$ java -jar target/ToolXtractor-full.jar -byTool -dir data/DH/xml/2015/ -inputTools src/main/resources/tools_teresah.txt -stopwords src/main/resources/stopwords.txt -reverse
Start parsing the directories
Finished parsing the directories (in 1849ms)
Start searching in the files
Finish searching in the files (in 270ms)
There are 19 items listed below, and each have their own linked items
Identifier: Gephi (11)
-- SIMPSON_John_Edward_Building_Better_Linked_Data___Ontol.xml
-- KITAMOTO_Asanobu_Senga__Participatory_Curation_and_the_.xml
-- HAMMOND_Jeremy_Social_Media_Data__Twitter_Scraping_on_N.xml
-- LIU_Jyi_Shane_A_Study_of_Symbolic_Element_Network_in_Na.xml
-- HEUSER_Ryan_James_Knowledge_Networks__Juxtaposed__Disci.xml
-- FALK_Michael_Gregory_Modelling_Genre_Using_Character_Ne.xml
-- SULA_Chris_Alen_Visual_First_Amendment__A_Case_Study_in.xml
-- BROWNE_Jeremy_LinkedIn_circa_2000_BCE__Towards_a_Networ.xml
-- SIMPSON_John_Edward_Exploring_Large_Datasets_with_Topic.xml
-- POIBEAU_Thierry_Generating_Navigable_Semantic_Maps_from_Social_Sciences_Corpora.xml
-- JAKACKI_Diane_Katherine_Pedagogical_Hermeneutics_and_Te.xml
Identifier: MALLET (6)
-- LESTER_Connie_Lee_Using_Multiple_Strategies_To_Find_Con.xml
-- ORGANISCIAK_Peter_Remembering_books__A_within_book_topi.xml
-- SIMPSON_John_Edward_Exploring_Large_Datasets_with_Topic.xml
-- JOHNSON_ROBERSON_Chris_A_Susurrant__A_Tool_for_Algorith.xml
-- SCH_CH_Christof_Topic_Modeling_French_Crime_Fiction.xml
-- HOWE_Tonya_Novels_in_Context__A_TEI_Database_of_Primary.xml


Identifier: Versioning Machine (1)
-- J_NICKE_Stefan_A_Distant_Reading_Visualization_for_Vari.xml
Identifier: KORA (1)
-- WATRALL_Ethan_Mbira__A_Platform_to_Build__Serve__and_Su.xml
Total time 2124ms


Extract tools from TEI-encoded abstracts against a matching list.







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