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Added a comment on the PROJ_PATH non-sense in Makefile

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Torben Hoffmann
Torben Hoffmann committed Feb 24, 2012
1 parent ed50407 commit faf25263b7c78e6e2920f7c8e6d99c14e7b85c13
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@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ example_beams: examples/*.erl
examples: build example_beams
erlc -o examples examples/*.erl
+# this should be done smarter, but thta is what is there for now.
PROJ_PATH=-pa /apps/erlang/r14b4/lib/kernel-2.14.5/ebin -pa /apps/erlang/r14b4/lib/stdlib-1.17.5/ebin -pa /apps/erlang/r14b4/lib/compiler-4.7.5/ebin -pa /Users/th/Library/Erlang/lib/proper-1.0/ebin -pa /apps/erlang/r14b4/lib/eunit-2.2.1/ebin -pa /Users/th/git_repos/chronos/_build/chronos/lib/chronos-0.0.1/ebin -pa /Users/th/git_repos/meck/ebin
erl -pz examples ${PROJ_PATH}

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