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A simple Python script for downloading your sent and received OkCupid messages.
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The time has come to deactivate my OkCupid account, but I was slightly unhappy about leaving all my messages in a locked silo, as they contained a nontrivial amount of emotionally significant correspondence. I googled around a bit for scripts that other people had written to do download them, and found one written for Greasemonkey and another written in Java, but neither seemed to be recent enough to be able to handle the current OkC HTML. I strongly prefer the BeautifulSoup Python library for dealing with HTML, so decided to write my own instead of modifying either of those.

Find it here! Use it quickly to download and archive your own messages! Because I probably won’t update it as the site updates. Patches accepted though :)

To use it, run it from the command line like this:

python -u your_username -p your_password -f 'the_full_path_to_some_empty_file'

Note: It only works with BeautifulSoup v3.x, and not the newer v4.×.

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