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The source code for the proposed crEA
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This program mainly implements the crEA algorithm which was described in our paper: Lei Cai, Shiru Qua,Yuan Yuan,and Xin Yao. A clustering-ranking method for many-objective optimization. Applied Soft Computing 35 (2015):681–694.

It proposes a new approach: clustering-ranking evolutionary algorithm, where the two procedures (clustering and ranking) are implemented sequentially.

The code was written in Java and based on the jMetal framework.

The algorithmic procedures of crEA can be seen in the files We also illustrated how to run this algorithm on a specific problem in the respectively.

Note that, this code can be used only for non-commercial purposes. We'd appreciate your acknowledgement if you use the code.

For any problem concerning the code, please feel free to contact Dr. Cai (

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