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Do you want to speak at the next LeicesterJS Meetup? File an issue here
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LeicesterJS Speakers

Do you want to speak at the next LeicesterJS Meetup? File a new issue on this repo.

What if I don't have a talk topic?

No problem! Just file an issue and tell us a bit about yourself and we can help you find a talk topic and prepare a talk around it.

I'm nervous about speaking

It can be scary speaking. Public speaking is listed as one of the top fears for a lot of people! So you are not alone. But we can help! We can help you practise your delivery, fine tune your slides and help you give a great talk.


File an issue here with the template that is prefilled.


Usually we are looking for 2 talks for each meetup. Each speaker is alloted around 20 minutes of time, but under or over that is fine


We have a chrome cast, apple tv and screensharing available so you can present your talk slides. Let us know if you require the use of a laptop to present your talk at the event and we can make this possible.

After your talk

Please post links to your slides in the comments of your issue and any other links you would like to plug


Come and chat with us on Slack here

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