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This fork is dead! - Go back to mistic100.

Bower version

Beautiful word clouds with jQuery

jQCloud is a jQuery plugin that builds neat and pure HTML + CSS word clouds and tag clouds that are actually shaped like a cloud (otherwise, why would we call them 'word clouds'?).

Also available as AngularJS directive




  • declared this fork dead.


  • bugfix


  • modernizing and streamlining build
  • npm publish


  • Migrate to Grunt builder
  • New documentation
  • Big performances improvement (thanks to saravanan4514)
  • delayedDraw option replaced by delay
  • center now takes relative float values and not absolute integers
  • add steps, autoResize, classPattern, colors and fontSize options

1.0.5 Added the capability to update dynamically the cloud, as well as an example (thanks to acjzz)

1.0.4 Add option to remove overflowing words (thanks to drewB)

1.0.3 Fix bug when providing a context to jQuery

1.0.2 Relative font sizes and easier to customize CSS (kudos to daniel-toman)

1.0.1 Option to turn off URL encoding for links (thanks to bboughton)

1.0.0 API redesign (warning: this is a major update, and background compatibility is not maintained)

0.2.10 Fix bug occurring when the container element has no id

0.2.9 Add dataAttributes option (thanks again to cham) and fix bug when weights are all equal (thanks to Grepsy)

0.2.8 Add possibility to specify custom classes for words with the custom_class attribute (thanks to cham)

0.2.7 Add possibility to draw rectangular-shaped clouds (an idea by nithin2e)

0.2.6 Fix bug with handlers, add nofollow option (thanks to strobotta) and word callbacks.

0.2.5 Add possibility to bind event handlers to words (thanks to astintzing)

0.2.4 Option randomClasses can be an array of classes among which a random class is selected for each word

0.2.3 Add option randomClasses, allowing for random CSS styling (inspired by issue about vertical words opened by tttp)

0.2.2 CSS improvements (as suggested by NomikOS)

0.2.1 Optimization and performance improvements (making 0.2.1 around 25% faster than 0.2.0)

0.2.0 Add configuration options, passed as the second argument of jQCloud (include ideas proposed by mindscratch and aaaa0441)

0.1.8 Fix bug in the algorithm causing sometimes unbalanced layouts (thanks to isamochernov)

0.1.7 Remove duplicated </span> when word has an URL (thanks to rbrancher)

0.1.6 JavaScript-friendly URL encode 'url' option; Typecast 'weight' option to float (thanks to nudesign)

0.1.5 Apply CSS style to a "jqcloud" class, automatically added (previously an id was used. Again, thanks to seanahrens)

0.1.4 Fix bug with multiple clouds on the same page (kudos to seanahrens)

0.1.3 Added possibility to pass a callback function and to specify a custom HTML title attribute for each word in the cloud

0.1.0 -> 0.1.2 I just started this tiny project, only minor improvements and optimization happened


jQuery plugin for drawing neat word clouds that actually look like clouds







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  • HTML 3.8%
  • CSS 3.4%