The "truckee" branch of Tahoe-LAFS contains various features which are not yet merged upstream.
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Truckee is near Tahoe. This branch of Tahoe-LAFS includes changes which are not yet ready for inclusion upstream due to lack of review, tests, or other reasons.

This branch will not be rebased, and is expected to occasionally have the upstream Tahoe-LAFS master merged.

Upstream was last merged into Truckee in January 2016.

Current differences between Truckee and the Tahoe-LAFS upstream master which don't have open pull requests:

  • Support for multiple introducers (#68)
  • Support for introducerless operation (#467)
  • Connection hints for storage servers are listed on the welcome page, in addition to the resolved IP address. This is useful for troubleshooting grids that use Tor hidden services. There is no ticket for this, but the changes can be found in the show-locations branch.
  • patches form meskio and bertagaz to make the paths of various directories configurable (#2045)

These are the patches in truckee which do have open pull requests upstream:

  • None currently, but there should be some soon.

Patches that were in truckee but are now merged upstream:

  • tarcieri's redesigned directory listing page (pull request #32)
  • The list of storage servers on the WUI's welcome page includes a new "Space Available" column. (#648)
  • There is a new configuration option called peers.preferred which contains a list of storage server node IDs to move to the beginning of the server selection list. See configuration.rst for more information. (#467)
  • The "since" and "announced" columns have been replaced with more useful values (#1973)

Truckee currently lives at

This URL will display the full diff of truckee vs master:

Because truckee is not rebased, there are many duplicate or near-duplicate commits in its history from merging and re-merging the in-progress feature branches. Rebased feature branches should be findable via the linked tickets.


Tahoe-LAFS is a Free and Open decentralized cloud storage system. It distributes your data across multiple servers. Even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire file store continues to function correctly, preserving your privacy and security.

To get started please see quickstart.rst in the docs directory.


Copyright 2006-2016 The Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation, and other contributors

You may use this package under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or, at your option, any later version. You may use this package under the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, version 1.0, or at your option, any later version. (You may choose to use this package under the terms of either licence, at your option.) See the file COPYING.GPL for the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. See the file COPYING.TGPPL.rst for the terms of the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, version 1.0.

See TGPPL.PDF for why the TGPPL exists, graphically illustrated on three slides.