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Frank Denis jedisct1
Photography, math, computer vision, opensource software and infosec.

Paris, France

James Kiesel gdpelican

@loomio Wellington, New Zealand

Adam Harvey adamhrv Undisclosed

Steve Dekorte stevedekorte
lead at, author of San Francisco

Jason Yosinski yosinski

Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Henry cryptix

Hamburg, Germany

Vladislav Vinogradov jet47

Intel Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

Jet Dillo jetdillo

Roadknight Labs San Francisco, CA.

Ingy döt Net ingydotnet
Ingy döt Net is an open source hacker who adheres to the tenets of @acmeism.

ZipRecruiter Seattle

Peter Todd petertodd
Applied Cryptography Consultant (what the cool kids call 'blockchain tech')


rabble rabble
1st employee at Odeo (ne twitter), co-founder of VP Eng of Quantstamp

Independent Hacker PDX

Mathias Buus mafintosh
Rød grød med fløde

Copenhagen, Denmark

Joe Bowser infil00p
Former maintainer of cordova-android, now I do AI/ML stuff.

Adobe Systems Inc Vancouver, BC Canada

Sha Hwang shashashasha
Hi! I a designer working to improve the government at Nava. Previously, I cofounded Gifpop, Meshu, and Movity. At some point I was an architect.

@navahq New York

Jesse Vincent obra

@keyboardio Oakland, CA 94609

Matthew Rothenberg mroth
"Dead-on valley girl accent." - USA Today


Henri Bergius bergie
Author of NoFlo and Create.js. Decoupling software, one piece at a time.

@flowhub Berlin, Germany

Erik Rose erikrose
Erik Rose chips away at the barrier between human cognition and machine execution, via programming language research & a stream of eclectic Python libraries.

@mozilla Mountain View, CA

Tony Arcieri tarcieri
Co-founder @iqlusioninc, formerly @square @chain. Cryptography dilettante, polyglot programmer, key management wrangler, and infrastructure security specialist

@iqlusioninc San Francisco, CA