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Leifer Lab @ Princeton University

Probing the neural dynamics of C. elegans during behavior.

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  1. Savitzky-Golay filters

    Python 11 4

  2. Code accompanying Nguyen JP, Linder AN, Plummer GS, Shaevitz JW, Leifer AM (2017) Automatically tracking neurons in a moving and deforming brain. PLoS Comput Biol 13(5): e1005517.

    MATLAB 7 4

  3. Forked from samuellab/mindcontrol

    Closed-loop computer vision software to track and deliver patterned illumination to freely moving C. elegans as part of the CoLBeRT instrument.

    C++ 4 1

  4. Source code associated with Liu et al "Temporal processing and context dependency in C. elegans response to mechanosensation"

    MATLAB 3 3

  5. Collection of software components used in Nguyen et al 2015



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