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The MACE Dir Entity Category Specification
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Entity Category Specification

This is the working area for the draft Entity Category specification. The main directory contains the editor's working copy of the draft in its XML and plain text forms.

The current IETF process status for this document can be viewed at its tracker page.

The editor's working copy may be fresher, but less stable, than the most recent formally submitted Internet Draft.

Prior versions submitted as Internet Drafts, and the MACE-Dir base document, are also archived in the history directory here for quick comparison between versions.


This document is being standardised within the Research and Education Federations (REFEDS) Working Group process, as described in the REFEDS Participant's Agreement.

Discussion of the current draft will normally take place on the REFEDS mailing list.


The base document for the current specification was published at The present effort aims to republish that specification as an informational RFC within the REFEDS stream.

Building the Documents

The canonical source of the document is the .xml source file, which is required for submission to the IETF datatracker. The repository always includes that form plus .txt versions rendered from the XML.

I'm using the included Makefile to build the HTML and text forms of the document. This requires a locally installed copy of version 2.x of the xml2rfc tool. An online version of xml2rfc is also available.

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