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The Haujobb Amiga Framework Second alpha release, 21.11.18

This is still an incomplete release package with regards to the features that we already have and the documentation that still needs to be written.

However, as a few people are already waiting for it, we thought that we'd release it in this state to get going. This package should serve you well to install and test your native Amiga as well as cross-compilation PC development environment.

Documentation available at: Read it, it will take you through:

  • required tool setup for Amiga and PC
  • assembling a minimal example with picture and tune on Amiga
  • compiling and cross-compiling a hello-world.c
  • QtCreator example "", builds on Windows, cross-compiles to Amiga

Further documentation and demo-example with Rocket integration coming soon. In the meantime, follow the above documentation to get started.

And maybe check out our talk about Modern Amiga Demo Cross-Development at

Cheers, Noname