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The Haujobb Amiga Framework, Happy New Year release, 01.01.19

What is this about?

C/Asm framework, targeted at Amiga AGA/060, integrated with Rocket, working natively on Windows, with full source and docs.

This is the framework that we came up with to develop our demos, like Beam Riders (

Why should I care?

  • Did you ever wanted to code an Amiga demo?
  • Are you a coder that doesn't know the Amiga, yet?
  • Do you also think that not everything should be coded in Assembler?
  • Want to know how we do our demos in Haujobb?
  • C sounds interesting?

Then this release should be of interest to you! We are giving you all the details of how to do it.


Yes, quite a bit of it, and including a quickstart section.

Read it, it will take you through:

  • required tool setup PC and Amiga (optional)
  • compiling and cross-compiling a hello-world.c
  • 3 example effects (stars, picture, movetable)
  • 1 integrated demo project (with 3 effects, ADPCM sound, and using Rocket for syncing)


  • vasm/vbcc/vlink/GNU Make for cross-compiling to the Amiga
  • a native C-compiler for your host platform
    • tested on Windows with Visual Studio (any Community or Pro version)
  • Qt Creator
    • using Qt5 (default) or Qt4 at your choice (depending on your compiler)
  • Rocket from

The dependencies, including download links are covered in detail in the documentation.


Check out our talk about Modern Amiga Demo Cross-Development from Evoke 2018 at


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