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Brag Sheet

An AnchorCMS theme for designers, artists, and dreamers.



  • Responsive, mobile-ready
  • Drawer navigation
  • Alerts & calls to action
  • Sophisticated hover effects
  • Rich typography & icon fonts (Icomoo)
  • Mixitup gallery for art, photos, and your wildest visuals:
  • Unobtrusive sticky footer
  • Joyous UX!

Extra slaw

  • Sass
  • Bourbon & Neat
  • MixItUp jQuery plugin

Upcoming - pending Anchor 1.0 release

  • Plugin support
  • Publish to social media
  • Pleasing custom palette-picker:
  • Per-page & per-article custom fields
  • More page templates/components: price tables, accordion, forms


  1. Anchor CMS 0.9 Install Anchor CMS
  2. Sass 3.3.* Install Sass
  3. Bourbon 3.2.* Install Bourbon
  4. Neat 1.5.* Install Neat
  • jQuery (included in header.php)
  • jQuery.mixitup (portfolio.php grid)
  • jQuery.cookie (saves alert dismiss state, might do more stuff in the future


  1. After verifying that your Anchor CMS instance is working, download & unzip to anchor-install-path/themes/
  2. Log into Anchor CMS admin panel, Extend, Appearance section, set Current Theme to Brag Sheet.
  3. Create site variables & custom fields
    1. In the Extend section, select Custom Field. Create a new field with the following options:

       	Type: post
       	Field: image
       	Unique Key: thumbnail
       	Label: Your choice - I suggest article thumbnail 200x200
       	File types: .png, .gif, .jpg
       	Image max width: 200
       	Image max height: 200


  1. Icon fonts by IcoMoon

    1. Download & unzip fonts/ to brag-sheet/fonts
    2. Copy icon classes from style.css to /scss/partials/_icons.scss
    3. Declare class="icon-name" on element in HTML or content: "\symbol-code" in SASS.
    4. If you're not sure what you're doing, I recommend adding your icons in addition to mine (rather than substituting).
  2. screen.scss contains global imports & styles, which are written to screen.css

  3. page-$name.scss is the convention for page templates; e.g. page-about.css contains all styles for page-about.php 4 _variables.scss contains style variables. Variable names usually describe styled element e.g. $comment-color, $comment-color-focus, $link, $link-hover.

  4. Drawer navigation requires all content to be nested between <main></main> tags, which open in header.php and close in footer.php.

  5. Call to action styles are located in _footer.scss & footer.php. Drawer & header styles can be found in _header.scss (although some related markup unexpectedly lives in footer.php, rather than header.php)

  6. posts.scss & posts.php control the blog roll, likewise article.scss & article.php control individual post views.

  7. page-portfolio.php items require the following:

    • MixItUp target element: .portfolio-item
    • Lightbox caption: figcaption h2 & figcaption .fig-description
  8. To correctly route the POST made on page-contact.php, copy add the following to the bottom of anchor/routes/site.php - replace with your own email address!:

     		// Necessary for form POST on page-contact.php
     		Route::post('contact', function() {
     	    $input = Input::get(array('contact-subject', 'contact-name', 'contact-email', 'contact-message'));
     	    // Validator check...
     	    $validator = new Validator($input);
     	        ->is_max(1, "Subject is required!");
     	        ->is_max(2, "Name is required!");
     	        ->is_email("Email is required!");
     	        ->is_max(5, "Message is empty or too short!");
     	    if($errors = $validator->errors()) {
     	        return Response::redirect('contact#error');
     	    $me = ""; // Your email address
     	    $subject = $input['contact-subject'];
     	    $message = $input['contact-message'];
     	    $header  = "From: " . $input['contact-email'] . " \r\n";
     	    $header .= "Reply-To: " . $input['contact-email'] . " \r\n";
     	    $header .= "Return-Path: " . $input['contact-email'] . "\r\n";
     	    $header .= "X-Mailer: PHP \r\n";
     	    if(mail($me, $subject, $message, $header)) {
     	        Notify::success("Email sent!");
     	        return Response::redirect('contact#sent');
     	    } else {
     	        Notify::error("Failed to send email!");
     	        return Response::redirect('contact#failed');


An AnchorCMS theme for designers & artists.






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