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<?php theme_include('header'); ?>
<link href="<?php echo theme_url('css/posts.css'); ?>" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
<link href="<?php echo theme_url('css/article.css'); ?>" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
<div id="article-container">
<section class="content">
<h1><?php echo article_title(); ?></h1>
<time datetime="<?php echo date(DATE_W3C, article_time()); ?>"><?php echo relative_time(article_time()); ?></time>
<h3 class="read-time">Estimated read time: <?php echo reading_time(article_html()); ?> </h3>
<img src="<?php echo article_custom_field('thumbnail');?>"></img>
<?php echo article_markdown(); ?>
<?php echo article_custom_field('attribution'); ?>
<!-- Comment Form -->
<?php if(comments_open()): ?>
<div class="form-container">
<form id="comment" method="post" action="<?php echo comment_form_url(); ?>#comment">
<?php echo comment_form_notifications(); ?><!-- Error notifications -->
<p class="name comment-input"><label for="name"><span class="icon-user"></span></label>
<?php echo comment_form_input_name('placeholder="Your Name" rows=1'); ?>
<p class="email comment-input"><label for="email"><span class="icon-envelope"></span></label>
<?php echo comment_form_input_email('placeholder="Your Email" rows=1', $extra = ''); ?>
<p class="textarea comment-input"><label for="text"><span class="icon-pencil"></span></label>
<?php echo comment_form_input_text('placeholder="Your comment"'); ?>
<p class="submit">
<?php echo comment_form_button($text = 'Submit', $extra = ''); ?>
<button id="show-comments" href="#comments">Comments (<?php echo count_comments(); ?>)</button>
<section id="comments">
<?php endif; ?>
<!-- Comment List -->
<?php if(comments_open() and has_comments()): ?>
<?php while(comments()): ?>
<p><?php echo comment_text(); ?></p>
<h2><?php echo comment_name(); ?></h2>
<time datetime="<?php echo date(DATE_W3C, comment_time()); ?>"><?php echo relative_time(comment_time()); ?></time>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
// toggle comments & smoothly scroll
$("body, html").animate({
scrollTop: $( $(this).attr('href') ).offset().top
}, 600);
<?php theme_include('footer'); ?>