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This is the top level project for leihs (version 4).

leihs -- the equipment booking and inventory management system

leihs is a system with which universities or other organizations can manage, book, lend and procure their equipment (and software). People can place reservations/bookings on items and then pick them up at e.g. a reservation desk. The system keeps track of who has which items and gives equipment managers time to worry about other things. Besides, the leihs system features a module for budgeting procurements and supporting the procurement process of existing and new equipment.

Live demo

You can try out a live installation of leihs (the address is below). It's always pointing to the latest stable development release. If the demo happens to be down, please make an issue.

Demo data is deleted and reset every 24 hours. It may also be deleted at any time during the day as deployment to the demo server is part of our continuous testing / deployment workflow.

The demo installation is located at

For login details see here. For the description of the roles tight to the specific login users see here.


An up-to-date, human-readable specification of all our scenarios is to be found here.


All the important information is to be found here.


All present and past issues are tracked, discussed and dealt with here.


Firefox, Chrome and Safari are the only supported browsers.


If you are having troubles with the deployment, setting up the development environment or encounter bugs, please first take a look at our existing issue list. If you can't find an answer to your problem or question, then kindly make a new issue. We will occasionally take a look at it, while we don't guarantee any particular response time from our side.

In case of our inability to support you, we encourage you or your organisation to find a suitable partner to support you. We at ZHdK do not feel obliged in any way to offer any kind of support.

References (Who uses leihs?)

leihs is in use at several universities and organizations.

leihs Blog

Not maintained anymore, but you can maybe find some useful information there.

Copyright and license

leihs is (C)

leihs is Free Software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3, see the included LICENSE file for license details.