Second revision of my Kitteh language. Now comes with a compiler to x86.
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Second revision of my Kitteh language. Now comes with a compiler to x86.

Example programs (used to test the compiler)

Explanation of how the compiler works (1400 words + diagrams)

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Kitteh2 is written in Java 8 and uses ant as a build system. The repo itself is also set up as a NetBeans project. Building the compiler:

ant jar

Compiling a program:

java -jar dist/Kitteh2.jar -i test/tests/fizzbuzz.k -o output.s
gcc -o executable output.s

The first and second steps can optionally be combined:

java -jar dist/Kitteh2.jar -i test/tests/mandelbrot.k -o executable -e


-v enable verbose mode. compiler will print a lot more information and outputted assembly will include helpful comments

-i inputFile.k set the input location

-o output set the output location

-I read input program from standard in

-O write output to standard out. not recommended except for debugging

-d enable deterministic builds. when this option is enabled, the compiler will produce consistent output when ran repeatedly on the same input

-e generate an executable file instead of the assembly as a string. this options simply runs gcc under the hood

-obf obfuscate labels and function names in output. compatible with -d