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A front-end client component of Lintulista, complementing the Lintulista server.

You can find a live preview here.


Lintulista is a full-stack web app for hobbyist birdwatchers to keep track of their sightings ("observations").

The client provides users a browser-based front-end view to the Lintulista back-end along with controls for adding, removing, and modifying observations.

User's guide

On the heels of a large refactoring of the entire app, there's currently no user's guide available. Time permitting, one will be provided in the future.



The Lintulista client requires the Lintulista server to be hosted and accessible; and the constant lintulistaServerUrl in source/backend-request.js must provide the server's URL. The server should additionally be configured to allow CORS requests from where the Lintulista client is hosted.

Building the distributable

First, install the required packages:

$ npm install @babel/core @babel/cli @babel/preset-react babel-preset-minify

Then, build the client distributable:

$ ./

You can substitute with for release builds.

The built distributable files will be placed in the distributable/ directory.

Deploying the distributable

The Lintulista client distributable is static content.

Simply copy the distributable/ folder onto your server, renaming it to something like lintulista as you see fit.

Note: The bird thumbnail images contained in the Lintulista client distributable are under various licenses. See distributable/guide/images.html for more information.

Note: By default, the distributable/index.html file imports versions of React and Redux intended for development environments. For release environments, you may want to use the libraries' release versions:

  • react.development.js → react.production.min.js
  • react-dom.development.js → react-dom.production.min.js
  • redux.js → redux.min.js
  • react-redux.development.js → react-redux.min.js


The bird thumbnails used in Lintulista come from a variety of authors. See distributable/guide/images.html for a full list.

Lintulista uses React for most of its UI, along with the Redux and React Redux libraries.

The FileSaver.js library is used in Lintulista for exporting data to a local CSV file.

Lintulista makes use of certain fonts from Google Fonts: Nunito, Delius, and Beth Ellen.

Certain icons from Font Awesome are used in Lintulista's HTML.