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RallySportED's backend

RallySportED is a cool asset editor for the classic MS-DOS-era racing game Rally-Sport. It lets you make new tracks etc.

The backend of RallySportED consists of DOS-based tools to inject RallySportED-made content - e.g. tracks - into the game, as the game itself wasn't made to allow modding. So these tools are absolutely required to play someone's new Rally-Sport creations.

You can find pre-compiled binaries of the RallySportED backend on Tarpeeksi Hyvae Soft's website. If you're not interested in the code, that's where you should be heading right now; otherwise, read on.

The tools

Two tools comprise the RallySportED backend:

  • RAI

The RLOAD tool, which you can find under the rload/ folder, is responsible for loading modded content into the game. It basically makes a copy of the Rally-Sport executable, modifies the copy to inject the new content, then runs Rally-Sport with the new content via the modified executable.

The RAI tool, found under the rai/ folder, is for editing RallySportED-made tracks' AI opponents. With this tool, you race a lap around the given track and the tool saves your lap as the track AI's new driving line (AI in Rally-Sport is just a pre-determined racing line that the CPU driver sheepishly follows).

The backend's pre-compiled binary distribution, found on Tarpeeksi Hyvae Soft's website, comes with further instructions for using the RLOAD and RAI tools.


The backend to RallySportED, an asset editor for the classic racing game Rally-Sport.