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Serlain is a third-party web-based front-end for the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. It displays archived web sites from the Wayback Machine in a mock browser that mimics how a typical user's browser might have looked like at the time the site was archived.

For instance, a web site archived in 1999 will be displayed in a mock browser that looks like Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4, and a page from 1996 in a mock of Netscape Navigator 1. (The rendering of the archived site's HTML will still be handled by your real browser inside an <iframe> element.)

You can view a live version of Serlain here.




Serlain depends on Babel for transpilation of JSX. You can install the required dependencies by executing the following in the repo's root:

$ npm install @babel/core @babel/cli @babel/preset-react babel-preset-minify

Once you have Babel installed as per above, you can build Serlain with:

$ ./

This will place the built distributable files inside the distributable/ directory


The app's content is static except for some PHP 7.0-level code.

Regardless of your method of deployment, make sure to complete the build steps before deploying.

PHP 7-capable server

Copy all files from the distributable/ directory to where you want the app to live on the server, and you should be done.


The repo also comes pre-configured for pushing to Heroku as a PHP node. Follow Heroku's instructions at

Server without PHP

The reason PHP is used in Serlain is to get around the fact that the Wayback Machine API doesn't appear to allow CORS. So as a workaround, the client-side Serlain makes a request to the server-side PHP script, which makes a corresponding request to the Wayback Machine API (bypassing CORS restrictions), then returns the response to the Serlain client.

Another possible workaround would be to use a CORS proxy, thus removing the need for PHP and allowing Serlain to be hosted fully statically. Commit a2e39ee made the required changes to use a CORS proxy instead of PHP; while the later commit 04f8ad4 undid those changes (because the particular proxy had some availability issues from time to time).

In short, if you want to host Serlain on a non-PHP server, you'll need to make some changes to the app's code, perhaps reproducing the commit mentioned above.



React frontend for Internet Archive's Wayback Machine API. Displays archived sites in period-correct-looking mock browsers.