Testbed for WiceGrid
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Testbed for WiceGrid

The aim of this repository is to test the integration of the wice_grid gem in the different version of the Rails.

How to use the repository


$ git clone git://github.com/leikind/wice_grid_testbed.git
$ cd wice_grid_testbed
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update


Rails 2

WARNING: The Rails 2 branch is no more maintained. You can use it but keep in mind that the branch is outdated.

$ git checkout rails2

Rails 4

The master branch contains the Rails 4 integration so you're already on the right branch.

Bundle & WiceGrid

$ bundle
$ bundle exec 'rake db:create'
$ bundle exec 'rake db:migrate'
$ bundle exec 'rake db:seed'
$ rails g wice_grid:install

Run the application

In case you want to run the application on your machine, run the following command:

$ rails s

Then open the URL http://localhost:3000/ in your favorite web browser.

Run the tests


Be sure to have Firefox installed first, then run the following command :

$ bundle exec rake BROWSER=true

A Firefox instance will be fired and the tests are going to be executed in it.

CI or without UI

In order to run the tests on our CI, we're using the headless driver poltergeist with PhantomJS.

To run the tests without the UI :

$ bundle exec rake