CLI for media sites like IMDB, GoodReads and TV shows.
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Media Information at your Fingertips


robbie, the friendly robot

Primarily you'll be using info, if you know what you want, but you can also use search if you're looking to find something general.

Specify one of the following afterwards (as well as as a title for the media)

  • movie

    robbie info movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  • tv

    robbie info tv "Rick and Morty"
  • music

    • album
    robbie info album "Pablo Honey" "Radiohead"
    • song
    robbie info song "Runaway" "Kanye West"
    • artist
    robbie info artist "The Rolling Stones"
  • book

    robbie book "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"

All commands return information regarding the query, each with their own unique keys and values. For example, movies or TV shows will provide a Rotten Tomatoes rating.


Clone the repo, built it with robbie.gemspec, and install the gem it builds (robbie-*.gem). Simple as that.

git clone

cd robbie

gem build robbie.gemspec
gem install robbie-*.gem


This project is licenced under MIT. More information detailed in the license file.