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About FCC Widgets

FCC widgets is an open source, serie of widgets originally created for freecodecamp (, using Jquery, javascript, html, css, bootstrap.

You can find the repo here. see a live version here


Getting Started

To use this widgets, choose one of the following options to get started:

  • Download the latest release as ZIP file from GitHub
  • Clone this repository from GitHub

Contributors / Credits Widgets

Ideas from ( [Freecode camp] wikipedia viewer Uses ( [Wikipedia API] Local weather Uses ( [Openweather API] and ( [Geolocation API] Random Quote Machine ( [Forismatic API]

Coded and designed By ( [Madeleine Sangoi]

Contributors / Credits for the template

The template is based on ( [Startmin Theme] ANd SB Admin 2 from Start Bootstrap. It makes use of the FontAwesome icons by Dave Gandy. Modified By ( [Madeleine Sangoi]

Copyright and License

Apache License MIT License

Copyright 2017 Madeleine Sangoi

( [Madeleine Sangoi]

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