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Git Branch Deploy

A wercker step to deploy to a certain git branch in a repo. Supports also Github Pages.


If your wercker app is public and you use the setting gh_token, it could be that your Auth token has been compromised.

Please change your token as quick as possible here and use the gh_oauth option instead of gh_token.

Sorry for the inconvience. I reworked the complete wercker step, added unit and integration tests and more importantly there is now a function, which replaces oauth tokens in logs with oauth-token.

Builds containing gh_token will fail.


You either have to define a gh_oauth token if you deploy to github or a host if you want to deploy via SSH. (Please use wercker steps leipert/add-ssh-key-gh-bb and add-to-known_hosts to setup your SSH token for github and bitbucket)

  • gh_oauth optional Github API access token, if you want to deploy to github. (documentation). don't share this on a public repo, use an environment variable!
  • host optional Set this to a host like "". Defaults to your build host or github if gh_oauth is used.
  • user optional Set this to the ssh user of your git instance. Defaults to git.
  • repo optional Set this to a repo like "username/repo". Defaults to your build repo.
  • branch optional If set this branch will be used as deploy goal. Defaults to build master
  • basedir optional Set this if your build step outputs to a folder
  • destdir optional Specifies the directory in the remote repo to copy the files to
  • clean_removed_files optional Cleans removed files if set. Default will keep old files if they are not overwritten.
  • discard_history DANGER optional Discards history of that branch. Use with care as it could destroy your whole programming history.
  • gh_pages optional Set this to true if you want to deploy to Github Pages. The Branch will be set accordingly.
  • gh_pages_domain optional Custom domain (documentation)
  • tag optional Adds a tag to the pushed commit. Valid options are bower, node or any string.
  • tag_overwrite optional If set, tags will be overwritten


For Github Pages:

    - git-push:
         gh_oauth: $GH_TOKEN
         gh_pages: true
         basedir: build

Deploy with SSH

    # Add SSH-Key to
    - leipert/add-ssh-key-gh-bb:
        keyname: DEPLOY_SSH
    # Add bitbucket to known hosts, so they won't ask us whether we trust bitbucket
    - add-to-known_hosts:
        fingerprint: 97:8c:1b:f2:6f:14:6b:5c:3b:ec:aa:46:46:74:7c:40
    - git-push:
         repo: example/exampleRepo
         branch: example
         basedir: build