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MeetingBar - Join your next meeting from your menu bar | Product Hunt Embed

MeetingBar is a menu bar app for your calendar meetings (macOS 10.15+).

Integrated with Google Meet and Zoom so you can quickly join meetings from event or create ad hoc meeting.


  1. Download the latest version 🆕 or install it from brew:
brew cask install meetingbar
  1. Make sure your calendar synchronized to macOS calendar
  2. Open the app, and if you see a warning, allow app to open from System Preferences [Security & Privacy > General > Open Anyway button].
  3. Go to the app Preferences and select your calendars
  4. Never miss your next meeting again 🎉

If you have some installation problems or some other questions please check the FAQ or add an issue.


  • Show event title in status bar (default: Yes)
  • Limit title length (default: unlimited)
  • Service for ad-hoc meetings (default: Google Meet)
  • Use Chrome for Meet meetings (default: No)
  • Show event details as event submenu (default: Yes)
  • Shortcut for join next event (default: disabled)
  • Shortcut for create meeting (default: disabled)

Support the creator

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MeetingBar is in active development by leits. Written in Swift 5.0.

MeetingBar also uses these resources:

Icon made by Chanut from flaticon

If you encounter any bugs or have a feature request, add an issue.

Thanks! 👋

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