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A cache-centric framework for fully asynchronous web applications

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Scrooge is a cache-centric framework for asynchronous web applications.

h2. Project goals

  • All client requests are served out of Amazon's S3 and can be handled with or without a running backend server.

h2. Architecture

A web page consists of two components: an HTML template and a optional JSON document.

There are there kinds of web pages:

  1. Completely static pages (just HTML)
  2. Semi-dynamic pages (template HTML + pre-compiled JSON data)
  3. Fully-dynamic pages (template HTML + dynamically generated JSON data)

Completly static web pages are supported by just retrieving a template from S3.

Semi-dynamic web pages require AJAX:

  1. The browser loads the blank template.
  2. An ajax call retrieves the appropreate JSON document from S3.

Fully-dynamic page get interesting:

  1. The browser loads the blank template
  2. An ajax call from the client checks whether s3://results/my_data.json exists
    1. If it does not, the client PUTS a blank JSON document to s3://results/my_data_hash.json and a JSON document with the query parameters to s3://requests/my_data_hash.json
  3. The client now polls S3 and waits for data to be added to s3://results/my_data_hash.json
    1. The server polls s3://requests/ looking for new requests
    2. It PUTS the results to s3://results/my_data.json
    3. It DELETES s3://requests/my_data.json
  4. The client now retrieves the completed JSON and renders the template, like a semi-dynamic page.

h2. Worker process

Workers are responsible for consuming from the submission queue and populating the cache

  1. Polls github gist for requests
  2. Processes request (business logic)
  3. Posts results to s3://data/#####.json
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